German Worksheets – das Haus Arbeitsblätter

This is a new set of German worksheets I made for the kids that covers the rooms of the house as well as objects and furniture around the house. This set include poster-sized pictures of the main rooms of a house, writing stationery for the various rooms around the house, matching pages (German words to English words as well as German words to pictures).  Plus, there are two Bingo Game sets (with 8 bingo cards).  In all, this new German Packet is over 50-pages!

das Haus German Worksheets ArbeitsblätterWe reviewed all the basic rooms around the house such as

  • das Wohnzimmer                              the living room
  • das Schlafzimmer                              the bedroom
  • das Kinderzimmer                             kid’s room
  • das Badezimmer/ das Bad               the bathroom
  • die Toilette                                          toilet
  • die Küche                                            the kitchen
  • das Esszimmer                                   dining room
  • das Arbeitszimmer                            study/office
  • der Wäscheraum                               laundry room
  • der Flur                                               the hallway
  • die Treppe                                           stairs
  • der Dachboden                                  the attic
  • das Dach                                              the roof
  • der Keller                                            basement
  • der Balkon                                          balcony
  • die Garage                                           the garage

I had them write in the words on a large picture of a house and also provided them with a matching page.

Zimmer im Haus - German Worksheets for KidsMy kids knew these pretty well, so we went on to describe objects in each of the rooms of the house. As you can see in the pictures below, I provided large pictures as well as those same pictures with space to write underneath.

  • Gegenstände, die im Wohnzimmer sind
  • Gegenstände, die in der Küche sind
  • Gegenstände, die im Schlafzimmer sind
  • usw/etc.

Rooms in the House Worksheets - German Worksheets das Haus UnitThen, we went on to build their vocabulary with a lot of objects in the house.  As you can see below, there are several matching pages of words (about 60-70 words from all the rooms in the house). Most of those items are in the larger room pictures you see above. Those three matching pages (top right) are German to English word matching. The ones in the lower right are German words to pictures (no English).  And there are some suggested words (top left) of the words I pointed out to my kids, though blank pages are provided (lower left), so you can focus on whatever words suits your family/class the best. 🙂

German Worksheets - Things Around the House - das HausHere is a sampling of some of the words we went over:

der Kaffeetisch – coffee table
der Teppich – rug
das Sofa – sofa
die Kommode – dresser
der Kühlschrank – refrigerator
die Kaffeekanne – coffee pot
der Föhn – hairdryer
die Flüssigseife – liquid soap
das Rad – wheel
die Schüssel – bowl
der Kochtopf – sauce pan
der Abfalleimer – garbage can/dust bin
die Pfannenwender – spatula
die Zahnbürste — the toothbrush
der Vorhang – curtains
der Reifen – the tire
das Waschmittel — detergent
das Geschirr – dishes
der Kochtopf – sauce pan
der Wäschekorb – laundry basket

I took some of those words and created German word to picture matching pages.  The kids always love playing Bingo… so I created 8 Bingo cards for the two words sets you see below.

We generally print the Bingo Cards out on cardstock and laminate them.  Then the kids use dry-erase markers to cross of the word. The first person to get two rows (in any direction) wins!  My kids ♥love♥ playing bingo, so it’s a fabulous way for them to review the vocabulary! 🙂

This set is included in our German Bundle 2

das Haus German Worksheets ArbeitsblätterGerman Bundle 2: $6.99

(You can find more about this bundle in our German Store.)

BUNDLE 2 includes ALL of the packets listed below (for photos visit the German Store.)

  • Daily Routine, Chores, Free-time Activities das Haus Wortschatz
  • Auf dem Land
  • German Sommerwörter – Worksheets and Activities
  • das Haus – a 50-page packet with pages on the rooms of the house as well as objects around the house.
  • Adjective Opposites

German Worksheets for Kids$6.99 – German Bundle 2

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P.S. BUNDLE 1 includes ALL of the packets listed below (for photos and more information visit our German Store)

There are 12 pdf files in German BUNDLE 1:

  • German Conversation Packet – die Familie (2 pdf files)
  • German Conversation Packet 2 – das Wetter die Jahreszeiten die Monaten
  • Weather & Seasons Conversation Starters (Bonus Packet!)
  • Weihnachten und Farben
  • German Weather Packet -Winterwörter-Krankheiten-Schmerzen
  • German Conversation Packet 3 – Kleidung – Clothing (black & white)
  • die Kleidung (in color) – 25 pages
  • German Vocabulary Builder – Valentinstag
  • German Worksheets – Easter Spring Words – Ostern und Frühling
  • die deutschen Zahlen, die Farben

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