German Worksheets – Berufe – Occupations

This new 30-page German Worksheet Packet – Berufe – will help kids to learn the German vocabulary of over 50 occupations and professions!

German Worksheets for Kids - Berufe - Occuapations and Jobs worksheets

Berufe – Occupations and Professions Packet: These printable worksheets include matching (both German words to pictures and German to English) and fill-in-the-blank pages, sentence-writing pages, as well as bingo games and a board game for review!

German Worksheets - Berufe -- Occupations Professions PrintablesSome of the jobs this packet covers include:

Polizist, Feuerwehrmann, Bauer, Bäcker, Arzt, Kellner, Klempner, Matrose, Geschäftsmann, Tierarzt, Astronaut,  Künstler, Apotheker, Taucher, Metzger, Zauberer, Gärtner and many others.

Berufe - German Worksheets for KidsMy kids started learning German in elementary school; it is their foreign language as we homeschool. I’ve found that bingo and other games have really helped them review and keep new vocabulary fresh! This set has 8 bingo cards. 🙂  

This new Berufe German Packet was added to German BUNDLE 3

German Bundle 3

The pdf packets in the German Bundle 3 Bundle include:

  • Berufe (Occupations – Professions) – This packet covers about 50 occupations. It includes matching and fill-in-the-blank worksheets plus bingo cards and a board game. There are also sentence-writing pages. More details here.
  • In der Stadt (In der Stadt; Verkehrsmittel, Fahrzeuge; Gebäude — City Words & Directions, Transportation & Vehicles, Buildings in the City). This packet is 50-pages. More details here.
  • Tiere (Animals)
  • der Ozean – Unterwasserleben (The Ocean – Marine Life)
  • Werkzeuge (tools)
  • Körperteile (Body Parts including pages on the outer part of the body like Bein, Knie, Arm, Ellbogen, Auge, Ohr and the inner part of the body such as Darm, Herz, Lunge, Schädel, Leber)
  • Im Krankenhaus (hospital – medical vocabulary building unit) – 40+ pages
  • Hausarbeit – Zeitadverbien (a review of some of the chores around the house; plus, it provides blank sentence writing pages & Gesprächskarten (conversation cards) for practicing the word order of Adverbs of Time.

Here are some of the packets in German Bundle 3:

German Body Parts Worksheets die KörperteileGerman Worksheets - die Körperteile Body Parts - Organe Knochen

German Worksheets for Kids - Tiere Animals Tiere im Wald Forest Animalsder Ozean - Unterwasserleben German Worksheets for Kids - the ocean beach marine life

German Worksheets for Kids - Werkzeuge - Tools

Plus the Berufe Packet described above!

Berufe - German Worksheets for KidsBerufe: This packet is 30+ pages and includes matching (both German words to pictures and German to English), fill-in-the-blank pages (where students can write their own sentences and more.

German Worksheets - Berufe -- Occupations Professions Printables(Right click to enlarge the picture!)German Worksheets for Kids - Berufe - Occuapations and Jobs worksheetsGerman Worksheets for Kids - In der Stadt - in the cityThe In der Stadt packet is just over 50 pages is divided into three sections 1) In der Stadt 2) Verkehrsmittel und Fahrzeuge 3) Gebäude. It includes matching and fill-in-the-blank pages, vocabulary cards, bingo games and other activities.German Worksheets for Kids - In der Stadt - City WordsGerman Worksheets - Verkehrsmittel Fahrzeuge - Transportation Vehicles ActivitiesGerman Worksheets - Gebäude in der Stadt - Buildings in the City ActivitiesGerman Worksheets - Im Krankenhaus - in the hospital Worksheet SetGerman Worksheets - Hausarbeit - Zeitadverbien - chores - adverbs of time

German Bundle 3: $6.99

German Bundle 3 –  German BUNDLE 3 covers topics such as Berufe (Occupations – Professions), In der StadtVerkehrsmittel und FahrzeugeGebäude, Tiere (Animals), der OzeanUnterwasserleben (The Ocean – Marine Life), Werkzeuge (tools) Körperteile (Body Parts) and Im Krankenhaus (hospital – medical words), Hausarbeit – Zeitadverbien (chores around the house – adverbs of time)

German Worksheet Bundle 3 includes 8 pdfs (all of the topics mentioned above).

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

German Bundle 3

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German WorksheetsGerman BUNDLE 1:

  • German Conversation Packet – die Familie (2 pdf files)
  • German Conversation Packet – das Wetter die Jahreszeiten die Monaten
  • Weather & Seasons Conversation Starters (Bonus Packet!)
  • Weihnachten und Farben
  • German Weather Packet –WinterwörterKrankheitenSchmerzen
  • German Conversation Packet – Kleidung – Clothing (black & white)
  • die Kleidung (in color) – 25 pages
  • German Vocabulary Builder – Valentinstag
  • German Worksheets – Easter Spring Words – Ostern und Frühling
  • die deutschen Zahlen, die Farben

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German Worksheets for Kids

German BUNDLE 2:

  • Lebensmittel – includes 2 word sets – tracing, matching and fill-in-the-blank pages plus a bingo game and Brettspiel.
  • Daily Routine, Chores, Free-time Activities das Haus Wortschatz
  • das Haus – a 50-page packet with pages on the rooms of the house as well as objects around the house.
  • Auf dem Land
  • der Bauernhof
  • Sommerwörter – Worksheets and Activities
  • Gegenteile – Adjective Opposites


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