German Unit: Freizeit – Was machst du? (Daily activities, hobbies) das Haus Wortschatz and More!

German Worksheets Hobbies Activities FreizeitIn this German unit, the kids learned how to talk about daily routines, activities, hobbies and chores. We covered topics such as:

  • Was machst du den ganzen Tag? (Daily routines,  activities, chores)
  • das Haus Wortschatz (items around the house)
  • Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?  (Hobbies)
  • And, there are a couple pages about conjugating verbs in the present tense.

Daily Routine:

We started this unit with vocabulary relating to one’s daily routine: I wake up,  I get dressed, I brush my teeth, etc. (A bit more about how we used these cards later in this post!) In this section we also reviewed how to tell time (there are a couple pages on that as well). The also kids practiced conjugating verbs (in the present tense) from the vocabulary in this section.

German Was machst du - daily routine activitiesdas Haus Wortschatz:

Next we worked on some vocabulary building. First we talked about the rooms in a house.  Then we went on to talk about some items around the house.  We focused on some words they didn’t know as well. (The kids knew many words around the house already.  So, I did not include basic words like window, door, table.)das Haus German worksheets

The kids have really been enjoying playing bingo lately with their vocabulary words, so there are four bingo cards in this section with words such as: der Kochtopf, der Besen, die Badewanne, der Mikrowelle, der Toaster, der Besen, der Schwamm, die Spülmaschine, der Vorhang,  die Lampe, der Kühlschrank, usw. — etc.~ (See the picture above.)

Freizeit: Hobbies and Activities

We spent a LOT of time talking about various activities people might do for fun.  We used the conversation cards a lot answering questions such as Was machst du gerne? Was sind deine Hobbies? Was macht dir Spaß? etc.

There are conversation cards (both with words as you see below and blank ones towards the end of the packet), matching pages, picture pages (so the students can talk about their day with picture prompts), and 8 bingo cards.

Freizeit - Hobbies - Was machst du gerne

Using the Conversation Cards: As the kids were first learning this new vocabulary, I printed out the conversation cards and put them onto Popsicle sticks.  We would pass out the cards and the kids would use them for conversation practice.

German-Daily-Routines-Freizeit-HobbiesI would ask them questions (in German) and using their cards, they had to answer.

  • For example, I would ask What are you doing? And they would answer, I am playing the piano.
  • Can you go to the movies? And they would answer, No, I am washing the dishes.

Once the kids became comfortable with the vocabulary, we played many (many!) rounds of bingo! This really helped them to listen to what was being said. Eventually, I had the kids take turns being the caller (and reading the sentences).  Eventually I might have them use the picture cards (without sentence prompts) to call out the sentence to cross off.

German Bingo- chores and activitiesThere are Conversation Starters (Questions in German) on page 28 (with suggestions such as: Was machst du? Was machst du in deiner Freizeit? Was sind deine Hobbies? etc. etc.)

As the kids got better, I printed out another set of cards that did not have the words printed on them.  Those blank pages are around pages 45-48 of this packet.

On pages 49-54, there are some picture prompt pages.  Students can describe their day using the picture clues provided. With one of the pages the kids practiced the construction – Was sollen wir machen? Wie wär’s mit…

German Worksheets Daily Activities

Conjugating German Verbs:

This semester we spent time conjugating German verbs.  There are a couple of charts they filled out to conjugate the German verbs. We used these for the present tense, but there aren’t any specific instructions on this page, so you could use it for another tense instead such past tense – Präteritum if that’s what your students are working on. Some of the verbs we worked on included: schlafen, putzen, lesen, schreiben, anziehen, aufwachen, waschen, essen, laufen, sitzen, spielen, denken, fragen, gehen, sagen, hören. These are on pages 17 an 58.

Conjugating German VerbsOur 50+ page Daily Activities, Hobbies – Freizeit German Packet is $4.00.

Note: This packet is included in German Bundle 2.

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Freizeit das Haus Was machst du - German Worksheets

Again, this material is included in German Bundle 2.

German Worksheets for Kids - German Bundle 2

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