Comma Rules and Practice Pages (Free Grammar Worksheets)

Today I’m sharing some free comma rules grammar worksheets.  The first page has the 11 common comma rules we’ve covered.  There are various practice sentences on the next two pages. The kids have to place the missing commas in each sentence and must write down the rule that goes along with it.  Some sentences have more than one missing comma (and so might have more than one comma rule that applies).

This semester we are doing a big unit on biology and on the hydrosphere (ie. oceans).  These pages include lots of ocean trivia. 🙂  If these aren’t appealing, I have made a number of other similar comma rules practice worksheets. I’ll link to those and some of our other free grammar worksheets below. 🙂

Hope someone finds these helpful! ~Liesl

 Free Comma Rules and Practice Pages – Ocean-Theme


Before I share links to lots of our other free grammar worksheets, here’s a neat writing resource packet that might be of interest. I made this when we first started using a writing workshop in our homeschool: Free Writing Workshop Resource Packet


We have lots of other free grammar materials over at our blog:

Comma Rules Practice Pages



Comma Rules and Practice Pages


Comma Rules and Practice Worksheets (Fall Theme)


Grammar Rules Review Sheet: rules about using capital letters, commas and letter writing (1st grade)

GrammarReviewSheet-CapitalLetters CommaReview LetterWriting-2

Various Free Grammar Sheets



Here is a recent practice sheet I made for their/there/they’re and its/it’s

Spelling Activities we have over at our blog:





er Sound Word Sort and Games


Other grammar worksheets and activities on our blog (most of these grammar sheets are free to download): 



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