Silent Letter Worksheets and Word Sort

The past few weeks, the kids have been working on some silent letter words.  The worked on words like…

  • Words with a silent B such as: climb comb crumb doubt dumb
  • Words with a silent C such as: scene scissors muscle fascinate
  • Words with a silent D such as: handkerchief sandwich Wednesday
  • Words with a silent G such as: campaign design gnat gnaw sign
  • Words with a silent H such as: ache chaos chemistry mechanic
  • Words with a silent K such as: knee knew knife knight knuckle
  • Words with a silent N such as: autumn column condemn hymn
  • Words with a silent P such as: pneumonia psychiatrist  receipt
  • Words with a silent T such as: castle fasten listen often whistle
  • Words with a silent W such as: wreck wrinkle wrist wrong write

The kids sorted the words onto the “plates.”  I let my daughter look through the words and cut out 6-10 of the easiest words, the first day. She quickly made her way through the words. On subsequent days, she spent more time on the more problematic words.


There are also several pages of worksheets where the kids had to fill in the missing silent letter.

This would be fun with Valentine’s Day coming up, right?!!  This word sort is currently free! 🙂  Enjoy! ~Liesl

Silent Letter Worksheet and Spelling Word Sort


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ow-ou-oy-oi-aw-au-Word-Sort-ActivitiesThat’s about it for today!  See you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page!  Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Homeschool Den Newsletter. ~Liesl

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