Ancient Egypt Packet

This 75+page Ancient Egypt Packet includes notebook pages, ancient Egypt timeline cards, Egyptian gods & goddesses cards & activities, an Ancient Egypt lapbook – interactive notebook pages, geography materials and more!

Ancient Egypt PacketStudents will learn a lot about the 3,000-year history of Egypt… from the early dynasties through the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms of ancient Egypt.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn about Egyptian mythology, learning how stories of the gods and goddesses helped guide the ancient Egyptians both in life and in death!

Here’s a more in-depth look at what is included in the Ancient Egypt Packet:

Pages 4-9 Geography Activities: Notebook Pages, Famous Landmarks Cut and Paste Activity – It’s often good to start with what        you know, so I included some of the famous landmarks your students may be familiar with.  You might want to point out that there were more than 1,300 years between the pyramids and Ramses II’s Temples!

Egypt Geography and Landmarks WorksheetsPages 11-17 Ancient Egypt Booklet (Tracing): This booklet covers the Nile, ancient Egyptian jobs, the role of scribes, the Afterlife, mummification and more!

Print the pages out one-sided, fold in half and bind (or staple) along the left hand side.

Pages 18-24 Ancient Egypt Booklet (Fill in the Blank)

Ancient Egypt BookletPages 25-31 Lapbook – Interactive Notebook Pieces

Ancient Egypt Lapbook Interactive Notebook PiecesPages 32-34 Notebook pages on the Afterlife and Mummification

Pages 38-41 Ancient Egypt Question Pages (for older students who don’t want to do a lapbook or use the interactive notebook pieces)

Ancient Egypt Question PagesPages 42-48 Ancient Egypt Cards & Activities that go with plastic Ancient Egypt TOOB figures (affiliate link) If you have younger kids, they might enjoy these Montessori cards and matching pages to go with the figures in this set!

Ancient Egypt TOOB figures- Cards and ActivitiesPages 49-52 Ancient Egypt Timeline Cards

These timeline cards include some of the major periods and major rulers from the early dynasties through the Roman period.

Ancient Egypt Timeline Cards and history notebook pagesPage 53 Reference Page of the Egyptian Dynasties and Rulers

Pages 54-67 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Materials

Egyptian mythology is really fascinating! Your kids will learn about the four siblings Osiris, Set, Isis and Nephthys… and how Set’s jealousy ultimately led to the beginning of mummification and a way for humans to attain the Afterlife! There are cards about each of the gods/goddesses, a (rough) family tree of the gods, a write-up of the Osiris-Isis myth plus student notebook pages. I also included a page that has larger pictures of each of the gods/goddesses if your student wants to do a poster project.

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Worksheets and Cards

Page 68-76 Analyzing Primary Documents (Examining paintings from Egyptian tombs and so forth.)

Pages 77-82 Some history of Egypt notebook pages (including King Tut’s Tomb)

Pages 83-91 Comprehension Questions to go along with The Magic Tree House: Mummies in the Morning

Mummies in the Morning Question WorksheetsPages 92-96 Ancient Egypt Hands-On Project Ideas

Pages 97-98 Ancient Egypt Word Hunt

Pages 99-107 Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

This was such a fun packet to research and put together!! I hope your family enjoys this unit!

As with many of our packets, the Ancient Egypt Packet was designed with the homeschool family in mind. It has some easier materials (like tracing pages for the Ancient Egypt Booklet) and cards that go along with the plastic ancient Egyptian figurines… but also includes history notebook pages that are more appropriate for older (upper elementary or middle school) students. The best age range is probably Grades 2-6 or so.

Our packets are all PDF digital downloads. If you need any help, feel free to drop me an email!

The Ancient Egypt Packet is 75+ pages.

Ancient Egypt Packet


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Ancient Egypt UnitBooks and resources that would enhance this unit. These are affiliate links.

  • I mentioned above that I made a few pages to go along with the Ancient Egypt TOOB. It can be purchased from Amazon.  If you have younger kids, you can bury the plastic figurines in the sand for them to dig out like an archaeologist!
  • I alsoMummies in the Morning - Magic Tree House included some comprehension questions (and answer pages) to go along with the Magic Tree House Book #3: Mummies in the Morning. I added those pages because all three of my kids loved that particular book (but read more than a dozen of the books in this series)! You can probably tell that because of the sad shape of the Mummies and Pyramids Nonfiction Bookfront cover of our book in the picture above! This author also wrote a non-fiction companion book called Mummies and Pyramids that is also perfect for 6-10 year olds.

Here are some other books that you might also want on hand.  Again, all of the answers are provided in the packet, so you do not have to have any of these specific books for our Ancient Egypt Unit.  Any resource books you have on hand or get from the library will work!

  • Story of the World vol. 1: story-of-the-world Ancient historyNone of the pages in this packet go specifically with this book, but my kids really loved this series when they were in elementary. It’s a great resource and is really accessible.
  • gods and goddesses of ancient egypt bookGods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Mythology for Kids by Morgan E. Moroney. This books is available on Amazon Unlimited. The illustrations in this book are beautiful. It has a really easy to follow timeline. The myths are well written and it includes stories about Geb & Nut, Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys and others.
  • Egyptian MythsAnother mythology book we used was Egyptian Myths book (edited by Jacqueline Morley).

Other Ancient History Resources:

If you are studying Ancient History, you might also be interested in our Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet (More details at this post.)

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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet

This packet is 40+ pages.

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Unit - Mythology Packet

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses Activities

$2.50 Ancient History Writing Paper Set (28 pages) – Writing paper on Ancient Israel, Egypt, Greece and Rome, as well as the Aztecs, Incas, and Vikings. Note: this set does not include teacher notes; this is a set of ancient history-themed writing stationery. (See this post for more details) Quick Preview

Ancient History Writing Paper Set

$7.99 Middle Ages – Feudalism Packet 50+ pages (See more details here) Visit Post or View image 1, View image 2, view image 3, View image 4, View image 5, View image 6, View image 7, View image 8

Middle Ages and Feudalism Packet Middle Ages Worksheets Activities and Highlights MIddle Ages Event Cards Middle Ages Unit - Worksheets, Chronology Cards, Notebook Pages, Feudalism Simulation, Activities

$6.99 Age of Exploration Packet Quick Preview Visit post or View Image

Age of Exploration Unit Age of Exploration Map Worksheets Age of Exploration - Worksheets on the explorers Maya Aztec Inca Civilizations - Worksheets and Notebook PagesBe sure to visit our store to purchase some of our other packets and units.

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