Writing Workshop Video (New!)

I just wanted to let you know that I added a new video to explain why and how we used a Writing Workshop in our homeschool. You’ll find that at the Writing Workshop page – homeschoolden.com/writing-workshop

Just click here:

Homeschool Writing Workshop Thumbnail 2In this video, I didn’t realize I should drag it and make my screen bigger… so I’m like 1/2 an inch as I talk!! Ah well… live and learn! But, the slides are the important part, right?!

Also, I talked for almost a half-hour.  Sorry! Guess I need to turn the chatter box in me off a little bit! Hope this is helpful!


That post also shares some of our Writing Resources

Writing Resource Packet - Types of Writing Genres Character Plot Setting Voice Point of View and more

and, if you scroll to the end, there are some Practical Pointers for Working with a Reluctant Writer (or any writer!).

Here are a few related posts that might be of interest:

If you are interested in how we use Literature Textbooks in Our Homeschool, you can visit this post. Obviously that ties closely to our Writing Workshop!! 🙂Using Literature Textbooks in our HomeschoolPlus, my kids have also done a lot of independent reading. Here are some of the classics we used…

Homeschool Reading List for Grades 4-6

Reading List Grades 4-6

Homeschool Reading List for Grades 7-9

In this post I shared some of the literature that is on our reading list for grades 7 to 9. These are well-known classics. We’re pretty flexible in that I won’t make them finish a book they “hate.” Life’s too short and their are too many amazing books!

Let me add that our list changes as the kids’ interest change and as we cover different things in our homeschool.

Reading List Grades 7 to 9

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