Reading List Grade 4-5

Reading List Grades 4-6This is a list of some of the well-known children’s novels we’ve been working through the past few years.  Many of these books are award winning (Newbery Award) novels. I always enjoy pouring through other people’s reading lists and thought I would share some of the classics we have on our reading list. We’ve read many of the books on the list (but remember I have three kids!).  Just pick and choose the books that you think will appeal to your family!

Right now I am reading The Trumpet of the Swan aloud to my youngest (though my older two are listening in!) 🙂 This is a great book to read in the spring. My older two said that I should read Hatchet to ED next (they both loved that book!). So many of the books below are wonderful, though. It’s hard to choose!

I have a word doc and jot down their initial when they’ve read the book. I have a similar list for grades 7-9.

These aren’t listed in any particular order. (The links below are affiliate links.)

Reading List – Grade 4-6

I know I’ve left a lot of amazing books off the list. Did I leave out one of your family’s favorites?

Here are some of the books my kids have enjoyed reading for fun (ages 10-12 or so):

Pleasure/For Fun Books (PreTeen) –My kids raced through all the Lightning Thief books! If your kids haven’t read these yet, you might consider getting them! I loved the series too! After that, my daughter delved into the Ranger’s Apprentice books on the recommendation of her best friend! She couldn’t put those down!

lightning-thiefBoth of my girls love the Warrior Series,  about four different clans of cats. My oldest daughter has now read most of the 35 books or so in this series!

warriorsOther Animal Books for Tweens: Since she read all those, I set out to find some new books she would enjoy.  For her birthday (in October), I got her the Silverwing Collection (about bats). She loved those books! I also got her the Animals of Farthingwood. She loved that too. I asked her which she liked better and she said, “I would probably have to say Silverwing.” So, there you have it!

Books for Tween GirlsFor Christmas, I bought her a number of new (animal-themed) books which came highly recommended: The Familiars (She loved it!!) Neversink and Ratha’s Creature. (She hasn’t read these yet.)

books-for-tween-girlsMy girls (8 and 11) love Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novels. They have read them again and again (and again!).  We have Sisters, Drama, and Ghosts  and my girls love all three!

graphic-novels-for-tweensAbout this age my son read through The Giver series and also the Maze Runner series.  He loved them!

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