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Australia Packet

New! 75-page Australia Unit Do your kids know the states and territories of Australia? Perhaps your kids can identify a kangaroo or koala, but can they identify a numbat, bandicoot or quokka? Do they know that some mammals lay eggs? Do they know the terms marsupial or monotreme? This new Australia Unit will help kids become familiar about some basics about Australia.  This 75-page Australia Packet includes worksheets, notebook pages...

Australian Books for Kids 0

10 Australian Children’s Books

 Some of you may not know that we lived overseas for many years. In fact, all three kids were born in Central Australia.  ED was just young enough when we left that she doesn’t remember very much about Australia any more. We’ll be doing a short unit on Australia when we start back up with school. With the help of one of my Australian friends, we came up with a...