High School Math Posters (Free Quadratic Equation Printables)

Free Algebra 2, Trig Printables

(And a few hints about quadratic equations to help your kids out!)

When the kids were little, we used to have cute posters on the walls… like the ABCs and stuff. We still have things on the wall, but the content has changed considerably now that my kids are older! I was showing my friend (on Zoom!) the material we have up behind the computer (where I work with my two high schoolers) and she said, “I need that for my son!!”  I thought maybe these printables would be helpful for those of you with older students. 🙂

High School Math - Quadratic Functions and Trig PrintablesEven though my kids were pretty good with linear functions (y=mx + b), I included that on the wall because my son is doing physics this year.

Then, we have a number of printouts about quadratic functions.  You can download those by clicking on the “Add to Cart” link below:

Quadratic Functions & Equations Free Printables

$0.00 High School Math Posters – Quadratic Functions & Equations Free Printables

The download link will come from SendOwl (the delivery service I use). It may say “thank you for your order” or “Homeschool Den Purchase” even though you are paying $0.00! (Just wanted to be clear about that!!) If you have questions, of course feel free to email me!

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Quadratic Function - Quadratic Equations - Quadratic Formula - FREE PrintablesIf you are just starting to go over this with your kids here are a few highlights about Quadratic Equations & Quadratic Functions to remember:

  • Quadratic Functions are those that have an exponent –  x2
  • Example: f(x) = x2 + 5x + 6
  • f(x) might be called y.
  • A quadratic function has the shape of a parabola.
  • A parabola can be a happy face or a frowny face. You can tell that by looking at the constant “a.”  If a is positive the parabola is upward (like the picture to the right). If a is negative the parabola faces downward.Parabola - X intercepts and Vertex
  • When you solve for x you can do that by factoring the equation or by using the quadratic formula.
  • Most textbooks I’ve seen spend a lot of time teaching kids to factor quadratic equations.  Be sure to tell them why they are doing that along the way!! (Remind them (over and over!) that those numbers show you where the x-intercepts of your parabola can be found… i.e. the dots in red above.)
  • The vertex of a parabola is the green dot in the picture above.
  • Point out to them that a parabola might be located above the x-axis (so might not intercept it).

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Quadratic Functions - Quadratic Formula Free PrintableAnyway, those are some highlights I wish I had known when my kids first started diving into Algebra 2. 🙂

What Math Curriculum are we using for high school? We started using Thinkwell‘s math courses beginning with Geometry.  We LOVE Professor Burger! The video lessons are 5-8 minutes long and the professor will explain a new concept and do a example problem or two.  Then, they can go to the book and do practice problems that he has just described on the video.  My daughter is doing Algebra 2 and my son is doing PreCalc. If you are interested, my Thinkwell referral link will give you 15% off. Note: you can do a two week free trial with any of the Thinkwell courses to see if it would be a good match for you. And of course, if you have any questions you can also send me an email!

P.S. Also on our wall… you’ll find our daily schedule, some chemistry posters like calculating the amounts of reactants and products (mass to mole, mole to particle) and the chemistry gas laws, the degrees to radians conversion, and things like that! High School Posters of the Quadratic Equations Chemistry etcOn the cabinet across the room has the timeline cards for our Ancient Egypt studies! 🙂  We’ve been studying Ancient History this year.  DD is holding up one of the related pages from her notebook… showing some of the famous landmarks of Egypt. Our Ancient Egypt Unit can be found here.

Ancient Egypt Timeline CardsAnd, since I’m sharing a couple pictures of our homeschool room, I snapped a picture of our book nook. This year, I decked out the top of the bookshelf with fall-themed stuff and lights!Homeschool Room Book NookThe red book display you see above is something I made when the kids were in PreK to help rotate out their picture books.  Now it holds our big Lit books. This year I selected a long list of books I wanted the kids to read through. I talked about that more (and shared the free checklist of short stories) here at this literature post.

Anyway, we’ve come quite a long ways from the simple ABCs and animal posters of long ago!!

Here are some other free math resources that may be helpful (some of the other free math resources for younger kids are down at the bottom of this post):

$0.00 Free Exponent Rules Worksheets – These might be helpful as your kids move into learning logarithms.

Exponent Rules Worksheets and Interactive Notebook FREE Printable

$0.00 Squares and Square Roots Packet – It is useful to know the squares as your kids start doing geometry (Pythagorean Theorem) and trig.

Squaring and Finding Square Roots - Math Games and Activities

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P.S.  On a totally unrelated note, I have some exciting news! I am almost ready to release the Energy Packet!! Stay tuned for that very soon (or depending on when you see this post,it might already be available!!) It covers kinetic & potential energy, the types of energy (thermal, electrical, mechanical, etc.), sources of energy (solar, fossil fuels, wind, wave, etc.), and goes into detail about fossil fuels and the carbon cycle.  This packet is over 70 pages.

Energy Packet - Fossil Fuels and the Carbon CycleP.P.S. Here is a quick glimpse at our Ancient Egypt Packet that I mentioned briefly above. We have learned SO much so far this semester!

Ancient Egypt PacketAncient Egypt Timeline Cards and history notebook pagesAncient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Worksheets and Cards

You might also find these math resources helpful:

Free Complementary and Supplementary Angles Worksheets

If you have younger kids, don’t forget I recently released these two Math Board Game Packets for practicing basic math facts. These are both FREE!!

Math Board Games for Addition/Subtraction – FREE

FREE Math Game Board - Addition - Subtraction

Math Board Games for Multiplication/Division – FREE

FREE Math Game Board - Multiplication Division

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