Free Math Game Boards!

The Ultimate Math Game Board!

Ultimate Math Game Board - FREE!♥ Your kids will love practicing their math facts! ♥

I have made some new math game boards… and with everything that’s going on, I wanted to brighten your day by offering these for free!

We used these types of versatile game boards a lot when my kids were little. The best thing about these games was that my kids would BEG to play “just one more round.” What a win, right?!!

This version has various playing cards (depending on your child’s needs).  There are number recognition cards (for ages 3-6), number word cards, addition cards and subtraction cards.

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Free Math Game BoardsYou can have your kids play together, just choose the type of math problems that challenge them!

Tomorrow (or so), I hope to add in cards for older students who are working on multiplication and/or division. Update: The Multiplication/Division version is here. It’s also free!

This 20+ page packet is free. Just click on the link or the picture below!

Have any questions or comments, feel free to email me! ~Liesl

Grab your Free Math Game Boards here:

FREE Math Game Board – Addition Subtraction Version

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FREE Math Game Board - Addition - Subtraction

AbacusIn the packet, I mentioned that you might want to let the kids use an abacus. We used the version that has 5 beads of one color and 5 in another. That way, kids can practice counting by 5s & 10s and start to get familiar (visually) with 6 being 5+1 and 7 being 5+2, etc. You can find an abacus like that here. (affiliate link)


Be sure to check out the 20+ pdfs (300+ pages) included in our K-2 Math BUNDLE. This math BUNDLE is currently $5.50!!

You can find out about our K-2 Math BUNDLE here. It includes addition & subtraction worksheets & activities as well as fact families, clocks, fractions, calendar activities and more!


Days of the Week Months of the Year Seasons Worksheets and Booklet

Pirate-Math-Packet-Games-Worksheets-MathCards-Activity-IdeasSpace Watercolor Animals - Addition and Subtraction Packet

And many other pdf packets in the K-2 Math BUNDLE!

Dinosaur Unit

If you have younger kids, you might be interested in our Dinosaur Packet. This packet is over 100 pages and like many of our materials, is suitable for a family with kids of various ages… roughly 3 to 8 or so.

Dinosaur Unit - Activities Lapbook Games and More

Dinosaur Unit Activities

Animal Unit

Animal Unit - 100-page Animal Characteristics Vertebrates Invertebrates Spiders Insects Animal Homes and more

Consonant Blends: Are your kids working on blends?  You might check out these fun activity packets:

Consonant Blend BUNDLE - L-BLends R-Blends S-Blends

Long A Sound Words a ai ay ei ey eigh silent e Activities

Be sure to check out many of our other units in our store or with the links below:

What science topics could I teach my 5-7 year old - Homeschool Science CurriculumHere are some suggestions!

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