Spelling (Grade 2)

DD is a natural speller but both LD and ED have really benefited by the logical layout of the All About Spelling lessons. (affiliate link).  I do my very best to stay consistent working through those lessons.  It helps if we can work on spelling at least three times  a week.  During the spring semester, we also spend more time/attention on grammar, but we try to keep going with spelling as well. ED is on book 3.

We have so many new readers, I thought I’d show a couple of pictures that help explain what this spelling program is like.

A few days ago, ED was working on the syllable —  _le (consonant and then the letters le). On the first day she spelled words like table, maple, handle. She worked with tiles first on the board.  She had to break those into syllables  ta -ble. The first syllable is long /tay/ because it is an open syllable.  The second syllable has a consonant le. She worked on the board, wrote down individual words, and I dictated sentences (from the book)

The next day, she worked on words like middle and little.  Those double the consonant so that the first syllable is closed (and has a short vowel sound):

All-About-Spelling-TilesShe then went over some other words and divided them into syllable types:


Generally, after we work on the board she spells some individual words and then writes out sentences.  She usually does 6 sentences (and does the other 6 the next day).

All of the lessons have built on one another and they make spelling so logical! As I said, that works really well for ED and LD who were not (as) natural at spelling as DD. And meanwhile, DD loves the program because she does really well at it. 🙂  She’s currently working on Book 6.

If you want more information, be sure to visit their website: All About Spelling Program . (affiliate link)

(affiliate link)

ED also really loves the online program: Spelling City. I am not an affiliate for this, but the kids really enjoy playing the spelling games. Our family decided to get a subscription (this is our second year).    I create the lists of words for them to practice. (Sometimes I use the lists over at Home Spelling Words and often I add in trouble words that I’ve noticed they’ve gotten wrong in their writing). Currently, as I write this post, she is playing “Splat and Spell.”

Spelling-City-GameED has also been working on irregular verbs (speak – spoke)  and plural nouns (radio-radios, penny-pennies, aircraft-aircraft). (Get those free at this post: Irregular Verb Practice and Plural Nouns (Free Grammar Worksheets)


She has finished the sheets I printed out, but I’m going to make her another in the next day or so because she can use a bit more work on those.

We also use spelling sorts a lot of the time and I’ll paste in a couple she’s worked on this year. She’ll be working on Long O Words at some point this spring.

Long A Word Sort


Long I Word Sort


ou ow oi oy aw au Word Sort


Other free grammar worksheets you can download:

Writing Workshop:

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