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Spelling (Grade 2)

DD is a natural speller but both LD and ED have really benefited by the logical layout of the All About Spelling lessons. (affiliate link).  I do my very best to stay consistent working through those lessons.  It helps if we can work on spelling at least three times  a week.  During the spring semester, we also spend more time/attention on grammar, but we try to keep going with spelling...

Language Arts Homeschool-Curriculum 0

Language Arts Update: Literature, Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar

This is just a quick post about our language arts so far this fall.  The first few weeks of school were off to a good start! 🙂 Our writing workshop is going well, and the kids really like the literature books we’ve add in (for the first part of writing workshop). The kids are really happy with these books. We set the timer for 20 minutes, but usually they take...


Our Homeschool Language Arts, Spelling, and Grammar Curriculum

So, what does our family do for our homeschool language arts curriculum?  I’ll share what we’ve been using for 1st through 6th grades. Over the past week, I’ve gotten three separate emails and FB messages asking about what we use for language arts — spelling, grammar and literature. It must be that time of year again when we start thinking about our plans for next year. 😉 I’ll start with...