Life Cycles Packet (50+ pages)

50+ page Life Cycle Unit with Worksheets and Activities

Life Cycles Unit - Chicken Sea Turtle Frog Mosquito Butterfly Dragonfly and MoreThis 50+ page Life Cycles Packet helps kids become familiar with the different stages in the life cycles of the chicken, sea turtle, frog, mosquito, butterfly, dragonfly, bee, mouse, and ladybug.

The Life Cycle Unit includes life cycle wheels, cut-and-paste activities, ordering activities, writing pages and a life cycle board game!Life Cycle Worksheets - Activities - Montessori CardsSpring is almost here and you may be gearing up to study life cycles with your kids!  This unit includes worksheets, Montessori 3-part cards, spinners, ordering activity pages, writing pages, and more.

Each animal has a life cycle page.  At the top is an illustration showing the life cycle of the organism. Students then cut out the realistic photos and glue them onto the diagram below.

In the picture below, the answer pages are shown on the left and the student pages are on the right.  There are worksheets for the life cycles of the

  • chicken,
  • sea turtle,
  • frog,
  • mosquito,
  • butterfly,
  • dragonfly,
  • bee
  • ladybug

Life Cycles Worksheets and Activities

There is also a life cycle spinner and Montessori-style 3-part cards for each of the animals – chicken, sea turtle, frog, mosquito, butterfly, dragonfly, bee, ladybug, and mouse.

Life Cycle Montessori 3-Part Cards chicken frog dragonfly mosquito butterflyNOTE: For some of these pages you can choose to print realistic photos (as shown above) OR clipart drawings (as shown below).

Animal Life Cycle Pages Montessori 3-Part Cards Spinners

There is a cut-and-paste activity for putting the animal life cycles in order. Students cut out pictures and place them in the correct order for each animal (chicken, sea turtle, frog, mosquito, butterfly, dragonfly, bee, and mouse).

LIfe Cycle Worksheets chicken, sea turtle, frog, mosquito, butterfly, dragonfly, bee, and mouseThere are some life cycle writing pages and also there is a butterfly metamorphosis poster:

Life Cycle Writing Pages

Finally, there is a Life Cycle Game (with Mosquito, Ladybug, Dragonfly Player Cards). Be the first player to cover all the stages of the life cycle on your player card!Life Cycle Game

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Life Cycles Unit - Life Cycles of the frog ladybug dragonfly mosquito mouse butterfly sea turtle and more

Our Life Cycles Packet is $4.99  🙂 Enjoy the Spring! (For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, that is!) 🙂

This packet is 50+ pages.  It is suitable for PreK and early elementary.

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Note: This packet is also included in the new “Big Animal BUNDLE.” See details down below.


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