World Animal Packet (60+ pages)

Animals of the 7 Continents (World Animals Unit)

World Animal Worksheets Montessori 3-part cards activitiesWhen my kids were roughly 3-7 years old or so, we spent time learning about the 7 continents and animals of each continent.  At the time, I made some Montessori 3-part cards of the World Animals:

World Animal Montessori CardsIt was time to update this file and I added in more than 50 pages. It’s now has well over 60+ pages of activities!

How to Use Montessori 3-Part Cards: In addition to the Montessori 3-part cards, there are instructions on how we used those cards and the song we sang:

How to Use Montessori 3-part cards - world animal cards

Continent Cards: There are satellite images at the end of this packet that you can print out and use with the smaller world animal card sets. (Alternatively, you can use the outline maps that are included instead.)

Seven Continents MapsWorld Animal Pages: This packet also now includes 1) matching & tracing pages, 2) fun-fact tracing pages, 3) do-a-dot pages, and 4) outline maps for each continent. There are 5 activity sheets for each of the 7 continents:

World Animals Worksheets Activity Pages

Here is an example of how you could use the do-a-dot pages.  You could use bingo markers (affiliate link).  You might want to talk about Aboriginal dot painting in Australia and have the kids try doing their own designs with Earth-tone colors:

World Animal WorksheetThis is an Aboriginal painting we purchased when we lived in central Australia. (It hangs in our dining room.) I won’t go into it in this post, but you could learn about what the different Aboriginal symbols mean. And here are some Australian children’s books I recommend and here’s how to make a pin map of Australia.

There are also a couple of wrap-up pages: Where Would You Find…  There are two options, one with photos (as below) and one without.

World Animals - where would you find activity

New Update: World Animal Game and Pin Map!

World Animal Activities

If your kids love animals, they are going to have fun with these two new activities!  In this fun board game, players race around the game board trying to be the first to collect an animal from each continent. If they are the first to cover all the continents on their player card, they win the game!

World Animals GameMy kids have always loved the hands-on nature of pin maps.  I added a new set of pages to make your own World Animals Pin Map activity!  There is an answer key, so your kids can check their answers to see if they got everything right.

World Animals Pin Map

World Animals Packet Quick Preview

World Animal Unit: In all, this packet is now well over 60 pages!

If you purchased the World Animal Cards previously, you should get an email from SendOwl (the service I use) with a link to the updated file or send me a quick email and I make sure you get the updated link!

Bundle Options – See the link below: World Animals Packet and Animal Packet (animal characteristics, animal classification, animal tracks, and more)

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World Animal Unit: Activity Pages and Montessori 3-Part Cards $4.99

$4.99 (World Animal Unit ONLY, if you want the bundle scroll down below.)

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World Animal Worksheets Montessori 3-part cards activities

BUNDLE OPTION: World Animal Unit and the Animal Unit: which covers animal characteristics, animal classification (the animal kingdoms, vertebrates and invertebrate groups), insects vs. spiders, animal tracks and more! (The Animal Unit sells separately for $5.99.)

BUNDLE: Animal Unit and World Animal Unit, $10.00.

BUNDLE: $10.00

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Animal Unit - World Animal Unit

P.S. The Animal Packet is actually more than 100+ pages. I just haven’t fixed the screen-shot above! 🙂


Vertebrate - invertebrate Montessori Cards

We also have a BIG Animal BUNDLE available!

Big Animal BUNDLE - includes 8 pdfs

The Big Animal BUNDLE includes 8 packets.   1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet – plus several mini units 6) the Cicadas Packet and 7) the Chameleon Packet. 8) the Wolves Mini-Unit.

These Animal Units can each be purchased individually as well.

See Our Store for more details:

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