Geography — Australian Pin Map

DD has been putting together the Australian
states and territories foam map most every day
(top picture). She’s very confident with that so
I thought she was about ready for a pin map of

I find pin maps pretty easy to make these days.
I’ve explained how I make them before, but if
you missed the world map post, I’ll briefly explain
how again.

1) First I laminated a map (that I chose from google

2) I cut out a thick piece of cardboard for the bottom
layer (so the pins don’t go through).

3) I cut out four pieces of foam and layered them.

4) I covered the cardboard and the first 3 pieces of
foam with contact paper.

5) Then I added the last piece of foam and the
laminated map to the stack. I covered the entire
stack with contact paper leaving an inch of contact
paper on the map itself (you can see that in the

It’s not professional looking, but it’s pretty hearty
and water resistant (important since they live on
our dining room table for the most part!)

6) I laminated the labels and leave a bit of the plastic
around the edges. Then I take a straight pin and
put it through the label. Finally I put a piece of clear
packing tape over the pin/label (since I have a toddler
and want to make sure the pins don’t come out).

Australia pin mapHow to make a pin map


I made this map last week.

Today I had another very productive day (as dear hubby played board games and entertained the kids the whole day, scrubbed the kitchen, picked up the living room, made dinner and all that). It was a very fun, very relaxing and very productive day. I got a lot of homeschool prep done and can’t wait to share that. I’ll save that for another day though. It’s time to play with the kids and then wind down for the night (getting ready for bed, reading books and all).

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