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Life Cycles Unit - Chicken Sea Turtle Frog Mosquito Butterfly Dragonfly and More 0

Life Cycles Packet (50+ pages)

50+ page Life Cycle Unit with Worksheets and Activities This 50+ page Life Cycles Packet helps kids become familiar with the different stages in the life cycles of the chicken, sea turtle, frog, mosquito, butterfly, dragonfly, bee, mouse, and ladybug. The Life Cycle Unit includes life cycle wheels, cut-and-paste activities, ordering activities, writing pages and a life cycle board game!Spring is almost here and you may be gearing up to...

Where Do Things Come From 4

Farm Animals (Montessori Activities and More)

After our study of earthworms and flatworms, we went back to talking about vertebrates.  One day last week, we learned a bit more about domesticated animals. We talked about some pretty fascinating things with DD and LD. Can you guess out of the millions of animal species how many large animals have been successfully domesticated? I’ll tell you in just a minute below! For ED we pulled in a few Montessori...