Electricity and Circuits Unit

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  1. Kath Gardner says:

    Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Would this electricity unit be too hard for a clever 7yo to understand?

    • Hi Kath,

      This packet starts out with a very basic description of atoms (protons, electrons, neutrons)… but I think you 7yo would be fine with the basics. My youngest was probably around 7 or so when we did this unit the first time and really *loved* all the hands-on activities… making the LED lights glow, finding conductive and non-conductive materials, creating the art bots and all that… I think it would be just fine for your 7yo because it’s so hands on. My youngest just did this unit again this past year again as a 12 yo and she definitely had a better understanding of the material, but enjoyed it both times. 🙂

      That tends to be how we’ve done science as homeschoolers. We’ll cover things with a ton of hands-on activities when they were younger and then cover it again in more depth when they were older. We’ve done the Earth Science materials three times along the homeschool journey for that reason! 🙂 As younger students they just love (and remember!!) all the hands-on activities and then they really *get it* on a deeper level when they are older.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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