Tissue Volcano Activity

This Tissue Volcano is a hands-on activity we did several years ago when we were doing our Earth Science Unit. It’s such a fun project (for any age!) that I wanted to share it again!

Volcano Activity

Our Earth Science unit has more than a dozen hands-on activities. We did three or four different volcano activities and several fun earthquake activities… as well as activities on convection currents, the layers of the earth and more!

This first volcano craft is an idea I first saw over at Our Worldwide Classroom. We did this over the course of several weeks because of the Christmas holidays. It probably doesn’t take *that* long, but it will take a number of days to let things dry between each step.

Have the kids draw a rough outline of a volcano on a thick paper (like watercolor paper).  Create a glue-water mixture. Wad up tissues, get the tissue completely wet and place it on the paper.  Cover the entire volcano with tissues.


After the tissue has thoroughly dried out (this may take 3 or 4 days), you are ready to paint the sky area blue and the volcano brown. Set it aside for a day or so to dry.


Now the fun part begins. Bring out red, orange, yellow and grey paint and let the explosions begin!


The kids were pretty proud of their final projects!

Volcano Activity

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Tissue Paper Volcano - and other Earth Science Activities

What else did we do for this portion of our Earth Science unit?

We filled out these pages from the Earth Science Packet I made for the kids:

Parts of a volcano worksheet Volcano Worksheets and Notebook Pages Volcano-Lapbook-Interactive-Notebook-Pieces Volcano Worksheets-Notebook Pages- Volcanic Hazards Types of Volcanoes Worksheets and Interactive Notebook Pages Types of Volcano Interactive Notebook ActivityEarth-Science-Packet 150 page - worksheets hands-on activities and more

If your kids keep science notebooks or are creating a volcano lapbook or Earth Science lapbook, they might enjoy creating this “Exploding Volcano Flapbook” that I found at scholastic.  Cute, isn’t it?!


Be sure to check out our Gelatin Volcano Activity!!

Gelatin Volcano Activity - Hands-On Earth Science Activities

Other hands-on Earth Science activity ideas:

Earth Science Activities

Don’t miss our 150+ page Earth Science Packet!! (Lots of new resources have been added recently!)

Learn how to make a earthquake shake table, more than a dozen hands-on activities on the layers of the earth, volcanoes, earthquakes, plate movement and more!

Topics include: Solar System, Layers of the Earth, Earth’s Axis and the Seasons, Latitude and Longitude, Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, 4 Types of Mountains

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Earth Science Packet

Earth-Science-Packet 150 page - worksheets hands-on activities and moreLayers of the Earth - Interactive Notebook ActivityMaterials-Convection-Current-ActivityCreating a Convection Current ActivityConvection Currents in the Mantle WorksheetEarth Science Unit - Layers of the Earth Activities Types of Volcanoes Worksheets - Interactive Notebook PagesFaults Earthquake Waves WorksheetsWaves ActivityEarthquake P-Waves with a slinkyVolcano Worksheets Notebook PagesVolcano-Lapbook-Interactive-Notebook-Pieces

The Earth Science Packet can be BUNDLED with the Layers of the Atmosphere Packet. (See Our Store for details).

Earth Science BUNDLE

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Layers of the Atmosphere Packet - Worksheets Hands-On Activities Notebook Pages Layers of the Atmosphere Printable Activity Earth Systems - Atmosphere Geosphere Hydrosphere Notebook Activity - Earth System Lapbook Pieces Earth's Atmosphere Packet 50+ pagesYou will find this packet and more in our Store!

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~Liesl and the Kids

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