Music Appreciation: Free Famous Music Composer Resources

Today, I wanted to mention a few fabulous free music resources that may be of interest if you are covering (or plan to cover) music appreciation in your homeschool. Thse include composer cards, lapbook pieces, and posters.

Back a number of years ago we had some of the posters up of famous in our homeschool room. At the time, I focused on one composer a week and we listened to a few pieces of music over the course of the week.

ComposersYou’ll find a wide range of 8×11 famous composer posters to choose from over at Layton Music.

Composer-PostersMusic Appreciation Books for Kids: There is a series of books that are really great for kids called Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers. Each book in the series covers a different famous composer. This is just a small sampling; there are other composers in the series:


I also used some of the composer cards and rotated them in a daily calendar we had  (I did the same thing with famous artists’ works for a while).  We got the pocket calendar over at Oriental Trading. You’ll find these free composer cards over at this page of Layton Music.

Composer-CardsFamous-Composer-CardsAnother great resource I thought I would mention are the 44 composer fact cards from the Renaissance to the present day – again these are free over at Layton Music:


And finally, we were going to cover some of these composers this year, and I made some lapbook pieces that I thought the kids would work through. But as happens with homeschooling, we didn’t get to this!  We wound up stopping with the Reformation in history. Even though we didn’t get to it this year, but I’m still going to share this (in case I forget later!!)  In the meantime, hope someone can use these. 🙂 ~Liesl

These Composer Lapbook pieces are free to download too. You’ll find them at this link:

Famous Composers Lapbook

Famous-Composer-LapbookClick here to save this on Pinterest:

Free Composer Materials Lapbook Pieces Fact Cards

So that’s about it for today!

Follow our Musical Journey in Pictures (Last Semester):

  • Remember if you want to print out our free Music Theory Curriculum, visit this post: Free Music Curriculum for Beginners. You’ll find links to lots and lots of free music activities there.


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