Music Curriculum: Week 3 in Pictures – Music Note Identification Game and More

We’ve still been moving slowly, but steadily through our music curriculum. My older two are definitely understand all the material we’ve gone over, but it definitely takes ED longer to remember all the notes… which is why all the games we’ve been playing have been so wonderful! She needs a lot of repetition and it is not yet translating to what she does on the piano (she just memorizes what I show her!! Though she can play some fairly tough pieces.) It will take time for her to read music as well as she can play. So, we continue to take it slowly and to try to make it fun! Here are some of the printables we used this week. (Links to all these are over in the post: Free Music Curriculum for Beginners. That’s the 15 page printable packet I put together as I planned out music theory for this semester.)


This past week, I pulled out a giant treble clef game board I made years ago. I used colored circle stickers and placed them all along a giant treble clef. We take turns flipping over a card and moving to the next available spot on the board. We use both staff notes and the piano notes. Obviously, you could use just one or the other.

Music-Note-GameWe spent one day going over the Week 3 worksheet. At the bottom of the page, the kids had to write in the notes — and we talked about the types of notes they were (quarter notes, dotted half notes, etc. etc.). The kids then had to “play” the piece on the printable piano… and then over on the real piano.

MusicCurriculum-Week3The girls in particular have absolutely loved practicing the rhythm cards with rhythm sticks. These are simply wooden dowels that I cut down to be about 10-12 inches or so. I sanded the ends. (I made these when I taught Kindermusik when the kids were little.)


So, that catches you up with music for the past week or so. We’ve been busy with our other subjects, so we haven’t gotten to Music Theory quite as often as I’d like, but we’re making slow but steady progress since everything is ready to go!

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