Thoughts on Teaching: Life Happens

This post is completely different post than the one I intended to write this week. Why? Because life happens! I don’t have the time to dive into that topic in the way that I want.  I was going to write a post on fostering creativity and being engaging as a teacher/homeschooler… How ironic because today was the antithesis of that! In fact, we had to settle for a bare-minimum type of day.  All the hands-on things we could have done today?? Straight out the window… because life happens!!!

Do you have days where you look up, blink, and realize the day is over?! That was our day today.

Today we had to rush out the door (and drive 35 minutes each way) for LD’s allergy shot (as we did on Tuesday and as we have to do next Tuesday too). That took up most of the morning. Plus, there were a couple of important calls that had to be made. Plus, ED’s Brownie meeting was tonight, so her badges and patches just *had* to be sewn on. Plus, a whole bunch of other things that got wedged into the day (laundry, dishes, grocery store trip, meals, the Brownie meeting itself (I’m a co-leader), choir practice for my other two.) You know that type of day, just plain busy!

What it boils down to is, sometimes life happens, doesn’t it? Things crop up and we have to be flexible. Some homeschool days go just as planned, but lots of them don’t!! Homeschooling is not always a well-choreographed production with all the pieces coming together at the right moment… No, sometimes you realize you’ve actually been channel surfing through the day. You hope that you haven’t bounced around too much!

Some days, we just cover what we can and have to leave it at that. No creative lesson, not all the boxes ticked. But there’s a lesson in that too. Be flexible and do the best you can!

So my thoughts on teaching for today? Be patient and kind… not only with the kids, but with yourself. Not every day is the perfect teaching day.  That’s okay because homeschooling doesn’t happen in a single day, homeschooling is a journey.

Happy Homeschooling and Terrific Teaching Everyone! ~Liesl

ED-Art-LifeHappensThis is a drawing by ED, my youngest.  It seemed to suit the general theme and I needed a featured photo. 🙂

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  1. Kylie says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Learning is living is life. It’s all meshed in together and what we seemingly miss on one day we pick up the next don’t we 🙂

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