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8 Things to Remember about Homeschooling

I spend a lot of time thinking about homeschooling, do you?  I find myself mulling over what we have planned or what units we’ll be doing down the road or what didn’t get done or things we did do, but didn’t go as planned… and on and on!  But here are some things I probably need to hear a bit more often! Believe in yourself – You can do this!...


Thoughts on Teaching: Life Happens

This post is completely different post than the one I intended to write this week. Why? Because life happens! I don’t have the time to dive into that topic in the way that I want.  I was going to write a post on fostering creativity and being engaging as a teacher/homeschooler… How ironic because today was the antithesis of that! In fact, we had to settle for a bare-minimum type...