Mitten Activities Packet

Mitten Activity PreK PackWhen my kids were little, they loved the book, The Mitten, by Jan Brett. We did an entire unit around that book and used the wonderful masks she provided on her website to act out the book!

This Mitten Activities Packet will definitely enhance your unit! This packet is about 40 pages and includes number and letter activities and games, clocks, and more.

Mitten Activity Pages

The Mitten Activities Packet is 40 pages.  It is $3.50.

Be sure to check out the Winter BUNDLE option below!

Mitten Activities Packet


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Mitten Activities Packet ages 4-6I have also included the Mitten tracing and lapbook pages that your kids can use as they learn more about each of these animals.  You’ll find these on pages 44 to 51.

Animals-from-the-Mitten printables

$8.50 Winter BUNDLE – 3 pdfs (Mitten Activities Packet, Winter Unit, Winter Math Packet)

  • Mittens Activity Packet – 40 pages
  • Winter Unit – 100+ Pages
  • Winter Math Unit – 25 pages

$4.99  Winter Unit – Earth’s Axis/Seasons; The Arctic vs. Antarctica; Polar Animals includes a Hibernation Unit (100+ pages)   Winter Packet and Hibernation Unit Quick Preview or view the post or view image 1, image 2 Arctic vs Antartica, image 3 polar animals, image 4 seals sea lions penguins, image 5 Hibernation Unit

Winter Packet - Earth's Axis, Seasons, Arctic Antarctica, Polar Animals Hibernation and morePolar Animals - Winter Unit Worksheets and Activities

Winter PreK PacketPolar Animals LapbookSeals Penguins Worksheets and Lapbook

$2.50 Winter Math Packet

Winter Math Packet Addition Subtraction Activities Games


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.

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P.S. If your kids enjoy studying animals, you might want to check out our Animal Packet and some of our other related units (Rainforest Unit, World Animals, etc.). These can be purchased separately or together in the Big Animal Bundle.

Big Animal Bundle - Worksheets and Activities TOPICS

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Rainforest Unit

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