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100+ page Ancient China Packet

Ancient China Unit - Dynasties of Ancient China Worksheet Packet

Are your kids studying dynasties of Ancient China? This 100+page Ancient China Unit covers nearly 3,000 years of ancient Chinese History from the early cultures of the Neolithic period to the end of the Song Dynasty. This packet includes notebook pages, timeline cards, worksheets, geography materials and more!

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Early Chinese Cultures

This first section covers the Neolithic period. The primary things we know about these ancient civilizations is a bit about their pottery and their different methods of farming and building. There are also some ancient legends and this section talks about the Yellow Emperor and his wife, Leizu, who is credited with discovering how to unwind silk into strands.

Early Chinese Cultures - Ancient China Worksheets

Bronze Age Dynasties of Ancient China: Xia and Shang Dynasties

Xia Dynasty: Much of what is known about this ancient Chinese Dynasty is based on myth. There are a couple of notebook pages that tell the story of the Great Flood and Yu the Great.

Xia Dynasty - Ancient China History WorksheetsShang Dynasty: Much more is known about the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China in large part due to the oracle bones that include questions about life at that time.

Shang Dynasty - Ancient China UnitAncient China Note-Taking Pages

Ancient China BookAs you can see from the image below, I had my kids use the notebook pages I provided to take notes on the key points for each dynasty. When we were doing this unit, not only did we do the worksheets and notebook pages that I made for the kids, but we also read through The Story of Ancient China by Suzanne Strauss Art. (affiliate link) I definitely recommend this book. The stories are well written and kept my kids engaged. We used this book twice over the years. If you have older kids, there are questions at the end of each chapter that they can answer.  By the way, I recommend the 3rd edition rather than earlier versions. They updated the maps and included color photos so the visuals are much better.

Ancient Chinese Dynasties - Note Taking Pages

Ancient China PacketZhou Dynasty

The notebook pages you see below come with a student fill-in-the-blank page as well as a full-text page. I would generally print out the fill-in-the-blank page for my kids and the full-text version for myself. Then we would read the pages aloud together and they would fill in the missing words/phrases.

Zhou Dynasty - Ancient China Worksheets - Notebook Pages

Warring States Period

Warring States Period - Ancient China Worksheets

Qin Dynasty

The first Qin Emperor, Shi Huangdi, united China.  Qin Shi Huangdi forced slaves to build roads and canals across his empire.  They also built his palace and tomb at the capital, Xi’an. Many people know of the Terracotta Warrior that guarded his tomb.

Qin Dynasty Worksheets - Ancient China UnitWe highly recommend the Timeline video about Shi Huangdi:

Han Dynasty

The Han Dynasty was China’s first Golden Age.  This dynasty was founded by a peasant named Liu Bang. He tried to rule with reason and benevolence. During this dynasty the civil service exam system created based on studies of the Confucian classics. China’s borders were expanded and silk and other goods were exported along the Silk Road.

Han Dynasty Ancient China Unit WorksheetsThree Kingdoms Period – Jin Dynasty

Three Kingdoms Period - Ancient China WorksheetsSui Dynasty

The Sui Dynasty was a short, intense dynasty with just two emperors: Wen (581–604) and Yang (604–618). During this dynasty China was united (589) and there was construction of the Grand Canal and Great Wall.

Sui Dynasty - Ancient China Unit WorksheetsTang Dynasty

The first half of the Tang Dynasty was generally a time of peace and prosperity and was known as the Golden Age of China. The arts flourished at this time and a number of inventions were made.

Tang Dynasty - Ancient China WorksheetsDynasties of Ancient China: Review Materials

There are a number of different activities we used for review.  Throughout the unit, we used timeline cards. We kept going over the major accomplishments of each dynasty/period.  We also did some review worksheets (identifying the dynasty in which certain events happened). Finally, there is an interactive notebook activity. Students can either write in their own answer or use the information card provided.

Dynasties of Ancient China - Worksheets Timeline Card ActivitySong Dynasty: Northern and Southern Song

The last dynasty we covered was the Song Dynasty.

Song Dynasty - Ancient China Unit WorksheetsChina and Asia Geography Materials

The Ancient China Packet is over 100 pages. Plus, it includes 15-20 pages of geography materials so students can become familiar with China’s topographical features and the countries of modern Asia.

China and Asia Geography MaterialsOne year my kids did geography of China project. Your kids might enjoy doing this as well!

Great Wall of China Map Project

What age is the Ancient China Unit for? This unit is probably best for middle school and high school. This packet covers more than 3,000 years of history so (in my opinion) it is fairly content-heavy. (Whereas the Ancient Egypt unit has a lot of extra activities and projects that works well with younger students.)

Do I have to purchase any other books? No, the answers are provided for the notebook pages. There is a fill-in-the-blank student page and a full-text version (that I would print out and use as we read the material aloud). Our family did enjoy The Story of Ancient China by Suzanne Strauss Art (affiliate link) but you can use any supplementary materials that you’d like — books from the library, documentaries or other history textbooks.

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Ancient China Packet


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Ancient China Unit

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