50+ Homeschool Freebies!

Happy Labor Day!

This is a post you definitely don’t want to miss. It has links to dozens of freebies in science, history, language arts, math, PreK, German and Spanish!!

Homeschool-Freebies-Free-WorksheetsToday is a holiday that honors the hard work of men and women across America. This blog has been my labor of love for more than seven years! It started as a way for me to document our homeschool journey and eventually became my career! Thank you so much for everyone who has supported the blog with purchases, kind comments, emails, and FB likes! A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you!! :)

I thought it would be fitting to honor all homeschooler’s and educator’s hard work by highlighting some of the free materials we have on the blog. I know we have hundreds of new readers and because we have well over 2,000 posts, I know it’s easy to miss some of our materials! :) And, believe it or not, I’ve left out tons of resources in the list below, so be sure to use the categories list or search function on the left sidebar if you’re looking for something specific.

I hope you find something to make your homeschool journey just a little bit easier! ~Liesl and the Kids

Normally, I include lots of photos of our materials, but this post is so long I’m not going to include many pictures.

I’ll group these freebies by general topic:


Free Weather Packet

Free Notebook Page on Earth’s 4 Systems (Atmosphere, Geosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere-Ocean)

Free Earth Science Packet on the Atmosphere

EarthSciencePacket-EarthsAtmosphereFree Cloud Worksheets

Natural Disasters Unit (Lapbook and Activities) – Currently free.


Free Human Body Matching Page

Free Chemistry Experiment Packet (for ages 7-8 or so): Matter is neither created nor destroyed, acids-bases, mixtures, chromatography, etc.

Free Bohr Diagram Worksheets (Chemistry Unit-Studying the Periodic table and Elements)

Our Science Unit checklist for Elementary and Middle School is a really popular. It’s a free printable checklist of the units I hope the kids cover (at least once, if not more) from K to 8.



Free Native American Notebook Pages:

Native Americans of the South East: Cherokee, Creek, Seminole – Trail of Tears

Native Americans of the Northeast: Iroquois Indians

Navajo Indians

Plains Indians – Cheyenne and Sioux (Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, etc.)

Free Civil Rights Movement Lessons

Key Events of the Civil Rights Movement

Key Events of the Civil Rights Movement

Free Notebook Page on Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Free Notebook Pages about Charlemagne

Renaissance Notebook Pages (Currently Free)

Reformation Notebook Pages (Currently Free)

Free Notebook Page on Marco Polo

Free Notebook Page on Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan

Free India Learning Pack

Free Notebook Page on Gandhi

Free Africa Learning Pack

Free World Religion Notebook Pages:

Hands-On Geography Activities for 4 to 10 year olds

Free World Map Printables

Homeschool History Free Checklist (What I hope we cover grades K to 8)


Language Arts

Free Comma Rules and Practice Pages, Comma Rules (Set 2), Comma Rules (Set 3)

Free Apostrophe, Quotation Marks and Underlining Practice Pages

Free Capitalization Rules and Practice Pages

This language arts post shares some of the language arts curriculum (spelling, grammar, literature, etc.) we use in our homeschool (though there’s no printable at this post).

PreK and Montessori Materials

Free Vertebrate-Invertebrate Sorting Cards

Vertebrate-Invertebrate-Sort --5 Vertebrate Groups Sort

Animals and Their Characteristics (Free Worksheets)

Animals and Their Groups (Free Sorting Cards)

Nocturnal and Diurnal Animal Cards

Rain Forest Activity: Free Rainforest Plant Cards

Free Montessori World Pin Map Printable


Free Forest Animal Sorting Cards

Free US Landmarks Cards

Free Famous World Landmarks Cards

Free Science Experiment Packet (PreK)


Free Ultimate Game Board (For Any Math Fact Practice!) - We used this gameboard for years and years as the kids learned their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math facts!! They would beg to play more!!

Free Montessori Addition Pages


Free Fall Skip Counting Pages

Free Minecraft Addition and Subtraction Pages, Free Minecraft Multiplication Pages

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Practice – Minecraft QR Code Math

Minecraft Skip Counting Pages – for practicing skip counting by 2s through 8s


Free Pokemon-Themed Multiplication Pages – These were characters I drew when DD really loved Pokemon several years ago. :)

Free Pokemon Multiplication Cards

Free Pokemon Equivalent Fraction Cards

Free 6s and 7s Multiplication Game Boards – Catch the Mouse Game (for practicing the 6s and 7s times tables)

Free Fall-Themed Multiplication Worksheets (6s)

Free Equivalent Fractions Packet



 Free German Worksheets for Kids

Free Numbers 1 to 20 Matching Pages (German)

Free German Worksheet Packet on Animals; Free German Animals Worksheets (set 2)

Nationalities (in German) for practicing Where do you Come From?

German Prepositions – Accusative and Dative Prepositions, songs, cards and practice pages



Free Calendar & Weather Page

Free Numbers 1 to 20 Matching Pages (Spanish)

Fall Theme

Free Fall-Themed Packets for Ages 3-6 (PreK-Gr. 1) – Links to a dozen free PreK Packets from around the Web!

Free Fall Skip Counting Pages

FallSkipCountingPagesFree Fall Sight Word Games and Activities

Thankful Leaves Writing Printable (Free)

Free PreK Fall and Thanksgiving Packets

Thanksgiving Preschool Printables (free)

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Happy Homeschooling,


P.S. If you want another, more comprehensive list of our history packets, visit the History Unit tab above.Science-History-Tabs-homeschooldenSimilarly, we have a Science Unit page with links to many of our Science Packets and posts featuring hands-on science activities and experiments.


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