German Prepositions – Präpositionen – Accusative, Dative and 2-way Prepositions

Today I want to share some of the activities we did as they learned the basic prepositions. In German, prepositions can be grouped into different categories based on the definite articles that are used with them.  We learned these in a fun, active way. I’ll share our resources with you today! 🙂

The kids have made a lot of progress this year in German.  We spent a long time on basic conversations skills (basic greetings and questions, family,  weather, seasons, clothing, nationalities, food/eating), but recently we have been using a textbook (more about that below and in a post I’ll write up soon) and diving a bit more into some basic grammar.

We did a lot of chanting, singing, and acting to really get these different preposition groups down!

German Accusative Prepositions:

  1. bis – until
  2. durch – through
  3. für – for
  4. gegen – against, toward
  5. ohne – without
  6. um – around

These prepositions always use the accusative case. The definitive articles den, die, das, die.

While learning the accusative prepositions, we chanted this list.

German Dative Prepositions:

  1. aus – out of
  2. auβer – besides, except
  3. bei – at the house of
  4. mit – with
  5. nach – after to
  6. seit – since
  7. von – from, of
  8. zu – to

These prepositions always use the dative case. The definitive articles dem, der, dem, den

To learn these, we used a song to the tune of Frere Jacques (Are you Sleeping?). See the packet below.

Preposition-PracticeGerman 2-Way Prepositions (Accusative, Dative):

  1. an – at, by, on (up against)
  2. auf – on top of, out of, from
  3. hinter – behind
  4. in – in
  5. neben – next to
  6. über – over
  7. unter – under
  8. vor – in front of
  9. zwischen – between

These prepositions use the accusative case if there is movement from from one place to another. These use the dative case if it is a location.

We learned these prepositions by singing a song to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle. See the packet below.

And, of course, we acted these prepositions out and did basic conversation practice as well. 🙂

This packet below has various resources you can use with your students – the songs mentioned above, the cards we used, and a basic worksheet they did for review. This packet is currently free to download!

German-Prepositions – Präpositionen


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