Europe – Countries and Flag Maps Free Printable

This is a free printable map of the European countries and their flags.

We are talking about the countries of Europe at the moment and I thought the flags would be a fun way for the kids to review what they’ve learned so far.  I’ve included a couple of different blank maps of Europe.

You can print the maps in either portrait or landscape. Both are available in this PDF. This is free to download!  Hope someone can use it! 🙂  ~Liesl

FREE Printable Europe Map: Countries and Flags

Free Printable Map of Europe Countries and Flags You can use the flags to make a pin map. This is one we made many years ago:

We used thick card board (on the bottom) with layers of foam.  We laminated the map of Europe and used contact paper and clear packing tape to bind it all together.  (Here’s more detail at this post: How to Make a Pin Map of Europe)

Pin Map of Europe - Countries and FlagsClick here to save this on Pinterest:

Countries of Europe Flag Map - FREE PrintableP.S. Recently, my kids were learning the countries and capitals of Europe. You might want to check out the new worksheets in our 50-page Geography of Europe Packet here at this post: Countries and Capitals of Europe

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Are you looking for other fun geography ideas? Don’t miss this post Hands-On Geography Activities for 4 to 10 year olds. These are some of the geography projects we’ve done over the years.

History Units and Packets: The history tab above has a list of all of our various units and packets… including units on the American Revolution, the Civil Rights Movement, Civics and Government, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance & Reformation, India, Africa, and much more!  Our free world religions notebook pages are always popular too. 🙂 Again, you’ll find links to all of those (and more) here or by following the history tab above:


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