Marco Polo – Free Notebook Pages (Books and Resources)

While we were studying the Yuan Dynasty, we spent quite a bit of time learning about Marco Polo, his travels and his experience in Kublai Khan’s court.  To wrap up the unit, the kids tilled out these notebook pages to add to their history notebook.  The kids really enjoyed learning about Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan and the adventures of Marco Polo.  We didn’t do any projects with this unit, but there are a lot of great books and movies that are very kid-friendly!  I shared some of the resources we used (both in the pdf and at the bottom of this post.)

Free Notebook Pages about Marco Polo

Free Marco Polo Notebook Pages

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Free Marco Polo History Notebook Pages

We read two books together about Marco Polo and would recommend both of these:  Marco Polo (affiliate link) by Demi and Marco Polo: A Journey Through China (affiliate link) by Fiona MacDonald

Marco Polo Books for Kids

We also had this checked out from the library, but it was a bit longer, so we didn’t get to it: The Adventures of Marco Polo (affiliate link) by Russell Freedman

Marco Polo Book

We also watched:

Horrible Histories: Marvelous Marco Polo

Animated Hero Classics: Marco Polo

and a movie about Marco Polo that the kids really liked. (The movie we watched  has not been rated. There were sword fights and things like that,  but those scenes were not overly violent.)

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