Chemistry Unit: Bohr Diagrams

The last topic in our chemistry unit has been about Bohr Diagrams.  We’ve been talking for the last week or so about the organization of the periodic table.

Elements are organized by

  1. atomic number
  2. how many electrons are in the outer shell
  3. by which shell is their valence shell (or the shell that electrons are added to)
  • Columns tell us how many atoms are in the outer shell.
  • Rows tell us how many shells there are.
  • The atomic number tells us how many electrons an atom has.

But to really understand this better, I thought the kids should actually draw in the electrons using the Bohr Diagram model. We used examples from the first four rows.

If anyone else can use these Bohr Diagram worksheets, they are free to download. 🙂

Bohr Diagram Practice Sheets- Chemistry Unit


Early next week, I’ll share all the resources we used for our Periodic Table Unit.

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