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Chemistry Unit: The Periodic Table

This semester we did a new unit on chemistry and focused on the Periodic Table. We typically use secular resources, but I previewed Chemistry 101: An Overview of God’s Chemical World over the summer on the recommendation of a close friend. It is a wonderful resource. I found the video to be really well done (the kids really enjoyed it) and while there were a few references religion (especially in...


Chemistry Unit: Bohr Diagrams

The last topic in our chemistry unit has been about Bohr Diagrams.  We’ve been talking for the last week or so about the organization of the periodic table. Elements are organized by atomic number how many electrons are in the outer shell by which shell is their valence shell (or the shell that electrons are added to) Columns tell us how many atoms are in the outer shell. Rows tell...


Chemistry Experiments for Kids (Grade 2) – Matter is Neither Created Nor Destroyed — Acids and Bases

This semester we’ve been doing a Chemistry Unit for science. We tend to do our science and history units together. In the next two posts, I wanted to share some of the activities I did that were more geared toward my youngest (my older kids have done these before).  Then after that I will share the chemistry materials my older two (grades 5 and 7) have used as we’ve delved...