Free Grammar Worksheets: Capitalization Rules Practice Sheets

We are spending a couple of weeks on grammar rules again.  We are going to review some of the basic rules about capitalization. This should be fairly straight-forward for my older two. Some of this will be new for ED, so I’ll sit down with her to work on these together.

Some of the rules we’re covering include:

  1. Capitalize the first word of every sentence
  2. Capitalize the first word in a sentence in a parentheses, but do not capitalize the first word if the parentheses appears within another sentence.
  3. Capitalize the first word in a complete sentence that follows a colon when you want to emphasize that sentence or when the sentence is a quotation.
  4. Capitalize words that indicate a particular section of the country.
  5. Capitalize certain religious words
  6. Capitalize the first word of a title, the last word, and every word in between except articles (a, an, the), short prepositions and coordinating conjunctions. This is also true for titles of books, newspapers, magazines, poems, plays, songs, films, words of art, stories.
  7. Capitalize the letters used to indicate form or shape.
  8. Capitalize the name of an organization, association or team.
  9. Capitalize abbreviations of titles
  10. Capitalize words like father, mother, uncle and senator when they are used as title with a personal name or when they are substituted for proper nouns.
  11. Capitalize words like sociology and history when they are used as titles of a specific course.

Plus, we’ll also go over examples of proper nouns (people’s names, countries, continents, landforms,  political parties, etc. etc.)

Hope you find these helpful! These are free to download! ~Liesl

Capitalization Rules Practice Pages


In addition to our free grammar worksheets, we have also been using the Write Source Skills Books for years.  They provide some basic grammar rules and are straight forward.  I have found that I need to supplement these (with our own sheets) as I spot problems in their writing, but I’m quite happy with these, especially at the price (below $10).  Amazon carries them and here a link to one of the books,  Write Source: Skillbook Grade 5, (affiliate link).  ED is finishing up the Grade 2 Skillsbook: Write source Skills Book (affiliate link).


The other book that we have used in the past year or so are the Editor in Chief®  books by the Critical Thinking Company. (affiliate link).  I really like these books because they have a short paragraph and tell the kids exactly what kind and how many errors to look for.  And, these books, unlike the SkillsBook above provide the answers in the back so the kids can check their own work.


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Here are some of the other FREE language arts related materials I’ve made for the kids. I’ve made the kids a number of Grammar Practice Sheets over the years.

Other free grammar worksheets you can download here at the blog:




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