Spanish Fruit and Vegetable Cards: Tarjetas para clasificar las frutas y los vegetales

Tarjetas para clasificar las frutas y los vegetales

Once again I’ve teamed up with Sra. Morato from Homeschool Spanish Curricululm  and we have another free Spanish printable for you. This week our free printable is on fruits and vegetables! These are great for beginning language learners for basic vocabulary building and conversation practice.

Let me turn the post straight over to Sra. Morato!

Hola parents!

I want to congratulate you for taking the time to learn with your child a second language. We all love food! So using fruit and vegetable vocabulary to start a conversation is Spanish is a great idea.

As you use the cards and use the started conversation as your guide and resources I also want to share with you these extra resources to make Spanish learning even more fun!

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Hasta luego!

Sra. Morato
Spanish Teacher/ Homeschool Mom

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Tarjetas para clasificar las frutas y los vegetales – This is a free download!

You can use these fruit and vegetable cards in a number of ways:

Students can sort them into the fruit and vegetable baskets while they practice basic sentences in Spanish. There are some suggested conversation starters in this pdf.

Once your kids are confident they know all the words in Spanish, cut the labels from the picture card. Mix them up and have them match the word to the picture.

Have the kids sort the words into the appropriate fruit or vegetable basket (without the pictures).

Use the pictures (without the words) to practice asking for and passing the fruits and vegetables.

Have fun! Liesl and Sra. Morato

Spanish Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Cards las frutas y los vegetales conversation practice worksheet

spanish-fruits-vegetables-las-frutas-y-los-vegetales-worksheet-cardsThere is also a matching page with this Spanish vocabulary:


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Hasta luego!

~Sra. Morato

Spanish Teacher/ Curriculum Designer/ Homeschool Mom

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  • If you have any requests as you introduce your child to the Spanish language, let us know!
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  • If you have any requests as you introduce your child to the Spanish language, let us know!

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