Pope’s Arrival in the US: Free Packet about the Catholic Pope

Today, the Pope is making his first visit to the United States.  The kids and I watched his arrival on TV just a little while ago. We aren’t Catholic, but the kids’ Grandma is.  (My Mom died about 15 years ago and my Dad remarried just before LD was born.). Anyway, we took the opportunity today to talk about a bit about Catholicism today and about why the Pope is beloved by so many around the world.

When the Pope was chosen a couple of years ago, we learned about the Catholic Pope.  These printable still continue to get regular downloads. And with so many people talking about the Pope’s visit, I thought I’d share them with you again for those who might be interested.

It covers when the Pope was chosen, where he lives now (and where he’s from), how many Catholics there are world-wide. Plus, gives a simplified history of Christianity.

These are free to download. Hope someone can use these! ~Liesl

 Learning about the Pope

Learning-About-the-New-PopeIf you are studying any other World Religions, we have a number of other free notebook pages on those as well.

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