US Presidents Free Notebook Pages: Eisenhower

Today I have a free packet for you that reviews our US Presidents.

At times in our homeschool, we take the opportunity to review the 45 U.S. Presidents. We do that by singing a song that lists them in order. 🙂   We then spend time highlighting 6 or 8 of them and talking about the major events that happened during their presidency.

Then we’ll learn a bit more about one of our US Presidents. Last year, for example, we talked about Ronald Reagan. These are free here: Ronald Reagan Notebook Pages

Ronald Reagan Worksheets Notebook Pages FreeWe brought out the President’s song again at the beginning of this semester to review the presidents.  We added in a new line about Trump since the last time we sang this was before the election. Of course, if you think of something better just change it up! It goes to the tune of 10 Little Indians and reviews all 45 Presidents (in order).  We’ve been singing this periodically since the kids were in preschool (at first, we only sang the first verse). In fact, we’ve been doing it so long, I can’t remember where I first came across it.

US President Song and WorksheetsThe kids chose to learn a bit about Dwight Eisenhower this time. You’ll find some notebook pages about him on pages 6-7 (fill in the blanks) or pages 8-9 without lines if you just want to read this aloud with your kids (or for the answers!).

He has been proclaimed as one of the greatest U.S. Presidents. He certainly did a lot:

  • Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces
  • He supervised the invasion of North Africa (Operation Torch)
  • He gave the go-ahead for the invasion of Normandy (D-Day)
  • He became the 34th President.
  • The Korean War came to an end a year or so after he became President.
  • The Space Race started during his presidency with the launch of Sputnik.  He authorized the establishment of NASA.
  • He helped bring the McCarthy era hunts for Communist subversives and spies to an end.

As you can see from the Ronald Reagan notebook pages (above), we talked about the end of WWII and the Cold War last year as well. You might want to check out those (free) Cold War pages here.

So, if you want to print these out, feel free!  Let me know if they come in handy for you!

US Presidents Notebook Pages — President Dwight Eisenhower Notebook Pages

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