Make Your Own Egyptian Pyramid!

We love hands-on projects and ED had fun at the end of last semester learning about Ancient Egypt. I thought I would share the cool project she made (mostly on her own!).

My youngest and I read through the Story of the World, vol. 1 (affiliate link) about the ancient world. ED loved the way this book is written. (She is 8.) At the time, my older two were doing their research papers. I figured this was a great option for her while they were busy… but… My older two became captivated by the Story of the World too, so they joined in!! We have the book and the audio CD with Jim Weiss as the narrator.  At first, I was reading the chapters aloud, but after the kids heard the audio CDs in the car one day, they asked if we could listen to him.  So, we listened to the last half of the book.  I got mine used from a number of years ago.  We also listened to the Egyptian Myth CD again, Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths (affiliate link), also read by Jim Weiss. They really loved this CD as well.

  • You might also want to check out Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Mythology for Kids by Morgan E. gods and goddesses of ancient egypt bookMoroney.  (If you have Amazon unlimited, you can read it for free!) This books is available on Amazon Unlimited. The illustrations in this book are beautiful. It has a really easy to follow timeline. The myths are well written and it includes stories about Geb & Nut, Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys and others.

So now, on to her pyramid project!!

Trace 4 triangles on the edge of a box (our triangles were 13 inches on all sides. Cut out the triangle, but leave a 3 inch flap along the bottom. Cut out a 12 inch square (note: once we added in the 4 triangles, the base measured more like 13 3/4 inches with that extra bulk which is why the triangle pieces needed to be a bit larger.).

Glue the flaps and place the square piece in the middle. Place duct tape along the bottom for more stability.

Use duct tape on the inside of your pyramid to keep three of the flaps together.  You can let the fourth flap open to put things inside.


Next, you’ll need Styrofoam Project Blocks and a Glue Gun or Styrofoam glue. (affiliate links) (ED used our glue gun.)

Glue the blocks to the cardboard.  You can cut the Styrofoam to fit along the edges.

egyptian-pyramid-craft-activityNext, you can make things for the inside of your pyramid.  I printed out a coffin template that we found here for the sarcophagus (pictured below). ED cut it out and put it together without help from me.

Ralph Masiello Ancient Egypt Drawing BookMy kids also really enjoyed drawing from Ralph Masiello’s Ancient Egypt Drawing Book  (affiliate link).

ED used Ralph Masiello’s Ancient Egypt Drawing Book   to help her draw various things within her pyramid. She has the book open to the Eye of Horus in the photo below.  We highly recommend this book!

egypt-sarcophagusED worked hard (and secretly) on her pyramid for a couple of days. (She wouldn’t let me look and I had to take the picture above with my eyes shut. Wink!)  Finally, she was ready to reveal her final product! She actually took me by surprise when she showed me the burial chamber hidden deep within her pyramid!


I’m going to include just one more picture so you can see the dimensions of our pyramid a little better. Again, we used FloraCraft Foam Project Bricks. There are 285 foam bricks per box. Each of the four sides of our pyramid used about 80 foam bricks so I suspect we used the entire box and a small portion of another box.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Project Instructions

We went on to make a “Roman Colosseum” that year too so having left over bricks wasn’t an issue!

Roman Colosseum ProjectSo there you have it!  She had a lot of fun doing this craft… and of course we had to model it with the Ancient Egyptian Death Mask we made several years ago.  It’s been a favorite decoration in our homeschool room for years!

Ancient Egypt Pyramid and Death Mask CraftsFor the Death Mask craft, we used cardboard masks that we got from Oriental Trading and used gold spray paint. It was pretty easy and the kids really loved doing that activity! You can see more details (and pictures) about the Ancient Egyptian Death Mask Craft at this post:


CleopatraWe also made our own canopic jars! We read our Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile  (affiliate link) novel (which occurred 1,000 years AFTER the middle kingdom when King Tut lived and when many mummies were preserved!). A couple days earlier we finished watching the famous Cleopatra movie with Elizabeth Taylor. The kids loved, loved it!


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Happy Homeschooling! ~Liesl

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hi there! I realize this post is older and hope you see, but for the pyramid foam blocks-how many approx did you use for a 12inch base pyramid? They are low in stock currently, and nothing worse than running out of material mid-project! Thanks

    • Hi Amanda,
      I added in another picture for you above so you can see the dimensions of our pyramid a little better. There were 9 foam blocks along the bottom row. Each row went down by either a half brick or a full brick. (So from the bottom we used 9 bricks, then 8, then 7 1/2, then 7… etc.) Each of the four sides of our pyramid used about 80 foam bricks so I suspect we used the entire box and a small portion of another box. Again, we used FloraCraft Foam Project Bricks. There are 285 foam bricks per box. I hope that helps! Have fun with this project!! ~Liesl

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