Middle Ages – Notebook Pages on England and France (800-1200)

Last week all we did for history was continue reading The Adventures of Robin Hood. (affiliate link).   The kids are really loving the book (and so am I!). Each chapter is a complete adventure unto itself.


This week we’ll be going into a lot of detail about feudalism (and I created a simulation that I think the kids will really love!), but before we do that, I really wanted to review all we learned so far. To do that, the kids really need to understand the ever changing boundaries and borders of Europe.  I made some fairly simple notebook pages and included a *lot* of maps! These cover the period from Charlemagne and the demise of his empire to William the Conqueror and the complicated relationship England with French lands… through to the period we’re up to now with King John and the Magna Carta.

We’ll be going over these maps and talking about the rulers we’ve studied so far.  I thought I’d share these here for anyone else who can use them. My kids are in 4th and 6th grade, so the notes I’ve included are not incredibly in depth. (Just wanted to make that clear, for those of you with older students.)  But, it gives you a starting point!

By the way, you might also be interested in the (free) notebook pages I made about Charlemagne as well.

Hope someone finds these helpful.  You can download these by clicking on the link below:

Middle Ages Notebook Pages: England and France (roughly 800 to 1215)



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