Middle Ages Unit: The Medieval Church and Monasteries Worksheets

Middle Ages Unit: Worksheets on the Medieval Church & the Development of Monasteries


This week we talked about Christianity in the early Middle Ages in our homeschool.  We read about how the Church was organized and how monasteries began. The history book we are using [primarily  Early Times : The Story of the Middle Ages (affiliate link) by Suzanne Strauss Art] went into detail about a couple of the historical figures that went on to found monasteries. We read about St. Patrick of Ireland and St. Benedict of Italy. The book did a really great job of describe the life monks led in monasteries at that time.

The kids were absolutely blown away when they learned that the monks would break their fast in the mornings… and  realized that was why we call our morning meal breakfast. Not only that, but that is why it is spelled that crazy way… breakfast… well, let me tell you, it totally wowed them!!  History can be SO cool in that way, right?!!

Anyway, it probably won’t come as any surprise that I’ve made some notebook pages for the kids that I’m going to share with you today. Here are some of the things these Middle Ages worksheets highlight:

How was the Church organized? (We talked about the Pope,  Archbishop, Bishop, and Priest)

The Monastery – monos – means alone. We talked about the hermits who went off to pray in deserts, caves (or on a pole 60 feet in the air!)

We talked about the life of a monk:

Monasticism in Ireland/St. Patrick

St. Benedict

Benedictine Monastery

  • abbot
  • What vows did a monk take?
  • What did Benedictine monks wear?
  • What is  St. Benedict’s Rule?

What kind of work did monks do?

Some monks had special responsibilities

  • sacristan –
  • cellarer –
  • chamberlain –
  • almoner –
  • guest master –
  • porter –

St. Benedict once said – Idleness is the enemy of the soul

Women & the Church:

These Middle Ages worksheets are free to download. As you can see, there are notebook pages and I also included a pretty extensive set of notes/answer sheets too. 🙂 To access the pdf, just click on the link below:

Medieval Christian Church and Monasteries Worksheets



King Arthur Legends:  Before I go, I also wanted to add how much we adore the legends of King Arthur book we’ve been reading. We’ve been reading two or three chapters a day together. The kids always beg for “just one more chapter”! That speaks volumes about it, right? The language is easy to understand and the stories are compelling.   We’re reading King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (affiliate link) by Emma Gelders-Sterne. We chose this version because it got pretty good reviews on Amazon.


If you found the notebook pages useful, I’d love to hear from you here or at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page!

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