Crusades Worksheets (Middle Ages Unit)

The past 3 or 4 weeks, we have been working on our Middle Ages unit again.  We had covered up through the 1200s or so last spring and we’ve been studying the 1300s — the Crusades, Black Plague and the Hundred Years War.

We had a lot of fun watching Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives (affiliate link, but I suggest you look on youtube to see if it’s available).  The 8 episodes included: The Peasant, The Monk, The Damsel, The Minstrel, The Knight, The Philosopher (Alchemist), The Outlaw, and The King.  We laughed a lot and really learned a lot too!

Terry-Jones-Middle-Ages-DVDFrom there we started on the Crusades.  We have been using Early Times: The Story of the Middle Ages  (affiliate link) as our primary textbook for this unit.  The section on the Crusades was really engaging.

MiddleAgesWe then spent time watching Terry Jones’ Crusades series.  Those were not as well done as the Medieval Times; he made this series earlier in his career. But even so, we all learned a ton about the Crusades.

The past week or two we covered these campaigns:

  • The People’s Crusade – where most of those who went were massacred
  • First Crusade – led by 4 nobles
  • Second Crusade – with King Louis and Eleanor of Aquitaine (who later divorced Louis, married Henry II and had 8 children including Richard (the Lionheart) and King John
  • Third Crusade – with King Richard and King Philip of France
  • Fourth Crusade – which resulted in the sack of Zara (a Christian city) and Constantinople.

I made some notebook pages for the kids about the Crusades. We used these at the end of this part of our unit to review. These just gloss over each of the Crusade campaigns, even though the kids know considerably more than what’s on these worksheets.

You are welcome to use these, but just wanted you to know that they are not in-depth at all. I use the word “EVENTUALLY” a lot in these worksheets… and the kids and I joked that 3 paragraphs were left out each time I said that!!

These are free to download:

Crusades Worksheets


I have a couple more posts to share with you as we wrap up our Middle Ages Unit. Stay tuned for these:

  • Hundred Years War Worksheet
  • Black Plague Worksheet
  • Black Plague Simulation Activity

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Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.

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