All About Spelling: January $100 Giveaway

Did you know that All About Learning Press is giving away a $100 gift certificate this January towards the purchase of any of their products?

All About Spelling GiveawayA couple of years ago, I became an affiliate because we *love* their spelling program so much!

Our family started using the All About Spelling program seven years ago, when my son was 6.  My older two used AAS for years and my youngest is making her way through the program now.

The rules are laid out logically. In addition to practicing the words and writing sentences, we play a lot of games to help the kids internalize the rules.  It has been a great program for us.

This is a picture from a couple of years ago of ED using the tiles to spell out a word. She’s now on Level 4. 🙂

All About Spelling ProgramYou can find out more about their spelling program here:

affiliate link

They also have a reading program, All About Reading, that other homeschool families have used and raved about.

If you are interested in their raffle drawing, just visit this page: All About Learning Giveaway for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate towards any of their products. If you enter, I hope you win!

You might also be interested in their free Winter Materials:
Winter Practice Activities for Reading and Spelling

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Happy Homeschooling! ~Liesl

2 Responses

  1. Sherri says:

    Hi Liesl,

    I’m wondering if you’d be willing to offer me some advice. I have an 8yr old/3rd grader whom I’d like to start AAS with. She is reading and writing several grades above her grade level, and is a decent speller. I’m unsure which level to begin with. I know it’s suggested to start at level 1, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this? We have never done any formal spelling lessons, relying instead on learning as we work through reading and writing. Your insight would be MUCH appreciated.

    Thank you so much for the the valuable information and resources you provide.

    I hope you have a great weekend!


    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      Hi Sherri,
      If she’s a pretty good speller, I would not suggest starting at the beginning of the series. I think it would be too easy for her. I think I would start with book 2. It has some really good lessons on open and closed syllable which were useful (even for me!). And then it has the /r/ sound (spelled er ar and or)… soft c and soft g, and at the end of this level the oy oi, aw au, and ow ou vowel teams. If things are a bit on the easy side, you can include your own words or just adjust the lessons. For example, when we did the /r/ sounds, our family actually tackled some of the spellings that come later in the program such as ur, ear and our — — That is what worked for us. 🙂 Then just to give you a little more information, some of the lessons in level 3 include the ai/ay vowel teams, cle syllable, /r/ sound in nurse, who, oo sound, long e spelled ea, drop the E rule, ways to spell long I, change the y to i sound. My daughter is also in 3rd grade and we just started level 4 (but we haven’t been as consistent as I would like!!). Hope that helps! ~Liesl

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