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Homeschool Unit Studies - History GeographyHomeschool History Units

I wanted to make a page that will make it easier to see what history resources we have available on our blog. These are some of the history units we have covered so far in our homeschool and the posts I’ve written related to each unit. As many of you know, we *love* hands-on activities and have done lots of creative activities along the way. 🙂

You will find these in Our Store, but you can also view the post to find out more details! Just so you know, the history units come after the science units in our store.

A quick note (summer 2020)… I know this page is *really* out of date now! It’s so hard to keep up with all the pages here on the blog.  We have a ton of new history resources and I’ll try to update page more thoroughly when I can. Let me leave you with a few units just from this past year or so… I’m sure I’m missing a lot (but have to make dinner! You know how that goes!)…

You’ll also find these history and geography units in our store.

If you have younger student/s, you might want to start with basic world geography.  This is material we covered when the kids were 4-7 years old or so:  Where I Live & World Map Activities

Where I Live and Montessori World Map Activities

Our most popular History Packets at the moment include our World Facts Packet — Do your kids know the largest countries? the countries with the most people? The tallest mountains and/or longest rivers?  the deserts of the world? Basic geography terms from peninsula to atoll and archipelago? This is a unit we often start with at the beginning of the year or at the start of the new semester… World Facts Packet

World Facts PacketCivics and Government – We have gone over the basics about the American Government & Civics most every year (at least a little bit!). The packet covers the how the government is set up, three branches of government, some of the responsibilities of each branch, the different cabinet members, the difference between federal, state and local governments,  and more. It includes notebook pages (with answers provided), a lapbook/interactive notebook activity, basic civic questions (with QR Code answers), sorting cards, and more.

Civics and Government UnitAnd, we have units from Ancient to Modern History!

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Packet Ancient Egypt Timeline Cards and history notebook pagesAncient Greek Gods and Goddesses Packet

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses PacketMiddle Ages Unit

Middle Ages Unit - Worksheets, Chronology Cards, Notebook Pages, Feudalism Simulation, ActivitiesMIddle Ages Event CardsUSA States and Capitals

USA States and Capitals PacketAge of Exploration Packet

Age of Exploration Worksheets Notebook Pages

13 Colonies Packet

13 Colonies Worksheet Packet

American Revolution Packet

American Revolution Worksheets Notebook Pages Chronology Cards and MoreAmerican Revolution Unit - Worksheets and ActivitiesOregon Trail Packet

Oregon Trail Lapbook and Notebook Pages

Slavery and the Civil War Packet (This got a huge update this past year!)

includes Territorial Expansion and Manifest Destiny

Slavery and the Civil War Unit - Territorial Growth Major battles of the Civil War Worksheets and Activities

World War I Packet (and the Russian Revolution)

World War I Unit with Worksheets Notebook Pages and More Causes of World War I and How WWI Broke Out Worksheet - Notebook PagesRussian Revolution Worksheets - Notebook Pages

Modern Art Packet

Modern Art Packet - Impressionism Worksheets - Interactive Notebook ActivitiesWorld War II

World War II Unit - Packet of Worksheets, Notebook Pages and Other Activities

Pre World War II Events - Worksheets

World War II - 1930s Germany

Political Extremists - Totalitarian and Fascist DictatorsKey Battles oF World War II - WorksheetsCold War Packet – This unit is currently $9.99 $4.99. This unit is currently 50% off because it still is being proofed, but I know a number of you have been waiting for this unit! I have not yet written the post (or shared the purchase link publicly), so if you have any questions or are interested in this unit please email me! ~Liesl

Cold War Unit - PacketThe Cold War Unit is currently 90-pages and covers (right click on the screenshots below to enlarge)

  • Origins of the Cold War

Origins of the Cold War

  • Occupation of Germany
  • The Cold War Begins (Containment, Truman Doctrine, Berlin Airlift)

The Cold War Begins

  • US Foreign Policy and the Cold War

Cold War - US Foreign Policy and the Cold War

  • The Cold War Turns Hot
  • Korean War

Cold War - Korean War Worksheets

  • The Cold War during the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations

Cold War under Eisenhower and JFK Worksheets - Notebook PagesCold War Chronology Cards and WorksheetsCold War Timeline Worksheets - Major Events and Leaders of the Cold War

Vietnam War Packet – Coming Soon!

Other history materials…

Here’s how the chart below is organized:

  • World and U.S. Geography and Landmarks
  • U.S. Civics and Government Unit
  • Native American Studies
  • Causes of the American Revolution
  • Slavery
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Africa Unit (World Religions Topics: Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Islam)
  • India and China Units (World Religions Topic: Hinduism, Buddhism)
  • Middle Ages Unit
  • Renaissance and Reformation Unit (What we’re studying Spring 2016)
  • I need to add Ancient Greece to the chart, but in the meantime you can click here!

As always, let me know if you have any questions! You can always email me! ~Liesl

History Topics We Have Covered in our Homeschool

World and U.S. Geography and Landmarks

World and U.S. Geography and Landmarks

  • World Facts Packet – We often started out the semester going over some basic information such as: *What are the 4 largest countries in the world? What countries have the largest population? Then we went over some basic facts about world geographical features (the longest river, tallest mountains, largest cities, etc.) and more.

World Facts Packet


Ages 3-6:



  • Preschool Geography: Activities for learning about where we live in the world, Montessori world map work and more



U.S. Civics and Government Unit

U.S. Civics and Government Unit

Native American Studies

The American West


Native Americans Unit


The American West:

(the kids were quite young for this unit):

Ancient Aztecs, Mayans and Incas (We did a lot of fun, color crafts for this unit. The kids were fairly young at the time.)

Causes of the American Revolution

Causes of the American Revolution

Slavery and the Civil War

Slavery and the Civil War 75+page PacketSlavery and the Civil War Unit

Slavery Worksheets, Notebook Pages, Review Cards

slavery-worksheetsTerritorial Growth


Civil War Worksheets and ActivitiesCivil War WorksheetsOur Slavery and the Civil War Packet covers the three topics above:


Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement

  • Civil Rights Movement Lessons (Free Packet) – In some ways this is the core of what I want the kids to learn from this unit… what are rights? What is the difference between someone’s rights and a privilege? What is it like to be a part of a group? When can it be hard/painful to be left out? Judging people by what they look like. The power of speeches. This is a 13 page packet of discussion questions and lesson ideas on all that and terms like prejudice, bias, racism, etc.


Key Events of the Civil Rights Movement


Africa Unit

Africa Unit

Africa: Overview of our Unit: One year we did a huge unit on Africa. We started with basic facts about the countries of North Africa. Spent some time studying Ancient Egypt (and modern Egypt), before then moving to West Africa. We studied Islam and the spread of Islam across North and West Africa. We learned about the empires of Ghana and Mali and spent time learning about Mansa Musa, emperor of Mali from 1312-1337.




 World Facts Packet –

  • Do your kids know the 4 largest countries? Which countries have the most people? The longest river? This packet covers basic world and U.S. facts. We often start out the semester going over some basic information such as: *What are the 4 largest countries in the world? What countries have the largest population? Then we went over some basic facts about world geographical features (the longest river, tallest mountains, largest cities, etc.) and more.

World Facts Packet

India and China Units

India and China Units

One year, we spent a semester studying India and then the second semester studying China. Here are some of those posts:

India Unit




Gandhi-WorksheetChina Unit




Middle Ages Unit

Middle Ages Unit



Renaissance and Reformation

Renaissance and Reformation





U.S. Presidents

U.S. Presidents

  • U.S. Presidents Notebook Pages – Songs we sing to learn the U.S. Presidents in order… and notebook pages to help the kids learn who was president during some major world events.



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