Ancient Egypt – Hieroglyphic Generator

If you are studying Ancient Egypt, the kids might like this hieroglyphic generator from Discovery Kids.  They can type in their name and see what it would look like in hieroglyphics:

AncientEgypt-hieroglyphic-word-generatorUpdate: Their website has moved no longer works! It now looks like this. You can find it here: Hieroglyphics Typewriter

Heiroglyphics Typewriter

Here are some of our posts from when we studied Ancient Egypt – our projects and activities.

Ancient Egypt Pyramid Craft


I recently created 70+ page Ancient Egypt Packet.

Ancient Egypt - Notebook Pages, Chronology Cards, Mythology Activities

It includes a quite variety of materials

  • Geography of Egypt, Fact sheet about modern Egypt (the capital, population, currency, and so forth).
  • Landmarks of Egypt
  • A 14-page booklet about Ancient Egypt (print one-sided and fold in half).
  • Ancient Egypt Lapbook/Interactive Notebook pieces (the Nile River, jobs in ancient Egypt, the mummification process and more)
  • Notebook pages on various topics
  • Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses cards, notebook page, gods-goddesses family tree relationships
  • Ancient Egypt Timeline Cards (from the early settlement of the Nile River Valley 6000 BCE through the Roman Period 394 CE)
  • Montessori-style cards (that go with the Ancient Egypt Safari Toob setaffiliate link)

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