Ancient Mayan Indian Unit: God’s Eye — Yarn Craft

The Huichol Indians of Mexico and Aymara Indians of Bolivia make “eye of God” yarn crafts. Originally they were placed on alters, but now they are often sold in markets. I thought this was a perfect craft for the kids to go along with our talks about the ancient Mayan Indians. I used to make these in Girl Scouts, but came across this website which has details on how to make them as well if you need step-by-step instructions.

This project was absolutely wonderful for LD and DD — and even ED had fun wrapping the yarn around!

There is a beautiful Huichol Eye of God craft at this website. Check it out, it is gorgeous! I’d love to make something like that!

DD made all the small ones (in this first photo) except the one with the blue center with black and rainbow yarn.

ED worked diligently on her project and wanted NO help or advice from Mom.  No worries!
LD made decided to make a huge one — and then the next morning woke up early and made FIVE more small ones!

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  1. I had forgotten all about these! I made one when I was in school. Your turned out beautiful and the one you linked to, wow! My men would love to make those. I love how yours woke up early and made more. Hee hee…

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