Wonderful Geography Games for Kids

We have been playing a couple of wonderful geography games in our homeschool. We have the Africa version, but you can also buy these same games in a version of Europe, Asia, or the Americas.

The first is a card game called WorldWise Geography (Africa) I got for just a couple of dollars (it’s a different version that the one I linked to. It looks like the game has been updated a bit.) We didn’t play it quite like the rules indicate, but the kids loved it so much they asked to start school with it (and the other geography game) each day last week!

Each card has a country on one side and the neighboring countries or bodies of water that surround it on the other. We played with the map side face up and each person looked to see if they had one of the neighboring cards to place on top. If not they could place a wild card or super wild card or would draw from the pile.



The first couple of times, we played with are cards face up so we could all help one-another (to make it less competitive). This game was great for my kids (ages 7 and 9), but it is much too complicated at this point for my 5 year old.



The other game we played is a wonderful board game called 10 Days in Africa Game (affiliate link). It was about $30 at Amazon. This is similar to 10 Days In Europe Game (affiliate link).  In this board game, each player is give 10 cards. Each person has to take a trip across Africa by going from country to a bordering country.  If you have a jeep, you can travel to any other country. And, if you get an airplane (let’s say a green plane), you can travel from one green country to another green country by plane.  You cannot end your trip with a jeep or a plane ride.

There are three draw piles and three face up cards to choose from when it’s your turn.  You can discard onto any pile. Each play should always have exactly 10 cards (you just can’t see all the cards in the picture below because we were trying to figure out how to make the trip work!)



Here is a winning trip:


I can’t recommend this game enough for your homeschool or for a family game night. It’s really fun and educational!

We also have this same game for Europe — 10 Days In Europe Game10 Days In The Usa Game, or 10 Days in Asia Game  (affiliate links) … and there is also 10 Days in Asia, 10 Days in the Americas, 10 Days in the USA. Just choose the geography you’re interested in learning and you’ll be building your dream trip too!

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Thank you for helping support our blog!

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