Preschool at Home: Geography Activities (Maps and More) Ages 4+

There are so many fun things you can do with your preschooler (or elementary kids) to help them gain an understanding of the geography of our amazing world! You can make all kinds of maps to enhance your preschooler’s knowledge of the world.

Over the years we have made maps…

with sand, dirt and grass seed like our Nile River Valley


Out of clay, like our Ancient Greece (and Mediterranean Sea) map  (Ancient Greece Geography Project, Ancient Greece Geography Project and Ancient Greece Geography:Part 2)

Out of graham crackers, like our map of Britain


and out of cookie dough like our map of South America (with the Andes as chocolate chips!)

You can study and color world flags


And use world flags with pin maps, like we did with the countries of Asia

and with the countries in Africa



You can use geography puzzles:

You can toss a globe around and identify the continent (or country) your thumb lands on when you catch it:


You can study famous landmarks and make replicas

You might want to see the World Landmarks materials we have in our World Facts Packet!

World Landmark Cards worksheet bingo cards World Landmark Bingo

You can locate famous rivers and lakes:

And you can study all the geography land form (and water form) terms like lakes, peninsulas, isthmus, bay and create them at home:

geography-termsYou might want to check out the landform and geographic features materials we have in our World Facts Packet:

Landform Worksheets and ActivitiesGeographic Features Landform Words Worksheets Activity Pages

You can make your own world globe!

You can play board games like Ten Days Across Europe (or Africa or Asia)

IMG_4808-10DaysInAfrica IMG_4799-10Days-in-Africa


You can make food from different places… like our almond soup when we tried different foods from Africa


or pretzels from Germany

You can study a specific country and learn all about their history, culture and music like when we studied Japan,  India,

and Australia

You can try to arrange a country box exchange, which we’ve done with homeschoolers from or living in Singapore, France, different states in the U.S.

Country Box Exchange: China

Country Box Exchange: Gambia


Or you could participate in a postcard exchange from around the U.S. or around the world!

Hope you have fun exploring our amazing world!

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  1. April 9, 2014

    […] Preschool at Home: Geography Activities (Maps and More) […]

  2. April 9, 2014

    […] Preschool at Home: Geography Activities (Maps and More) […]

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    […] Preschool at Home: Geography Activities (Maps and More) […]

  4. May 10, 2014

    […] Preschool at Home: Geography Activities (Maps and More) […]

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