Asia Push Pin Map (in a box)

I don’t like this anywhere near as much as the push pin and
foam that I made (pictured above), but here is the flag and
country matching activity. It was made with a laminated
map of Asia taped onto of styrofoam (and placed in the box
so our toddler wouldn’t destroy the styrofoam!) We still pull
this out every few weeks.

I think I got the Asia flags (free) from this site:

If you are interested in find out more about some of the
Montessori activities that are introduced in the age 3-6
classroom you might want to check out this website:

It has wonderful descriptions of the kinds of activities to
do with young children and gives instructions on how to
present them. I have printed out a lot of their materials
and have found it incredibly useful!

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  1. April 8, 2014

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