World Geography

We spend a fair bit of time learning about geography. A lot
of it is incidental because we have a world map hanging on the
wall behind the dining room table. LD likes to test us, “where
is South Africa? Where is Brazil?” But we also have a few
geography activities that show up in the workboxes every
couple of weeks.

Pictured below is DD (age 3) doing a continent push pin map.
I printed it out from this site:

I laminated the map, put down four pieces of foam material and
a heavy piece of cardboard at the bottom. I super-glued the map
to the top foam piece. I put clear contact paper around the
bottom three pieces of foam and cardboard. Then I put
another piece of contact  paper around the bottom set and
the top map/foam piece. I trimmed the border so that only
3/4 inches framed the map (in other words the contact paper
does not cover very much of the map). It turned out pretty
well and seems pretty sturdy.There’s a control map on
her left with the continent names. She has to place the names
of the continents on the correct place. She insisted she
wanted NO HELP from Mom!

The last picture shows an Asia flag identification box
I made (prior to the foam one; I like the foam better than the
styrofoam I put into that box). I posted a couple more
pictures of this below. Also you can see the  Montessori
world flag map that we pull out about every couple of
weeks.  (We purchased that.)

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