Animals and World Geography

The continents cards (both the small and large cards in the post above)  are available in our World Animal Packet.

We placed world animal cards on each continent.
There are three for each continent.

LD, DD and I take turns saying, “This is a __buffalo__ it
lives in __North America___” and putting it on the
correct continent.

There is a much more recent post about Animals Around the World with Montessori-style animal cards that I made.
Montessori3PartCards-WorldAnimalsWe also have a BIG Animal BUNDLE available!

Big Animal Bundle

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  1. thank you for sharing this! I am doing a contenent swap an dI have Asia. I am going to use these cards in the swap. Also thank you for sharing how you make your pin maps…I am just starting to make them for my boys!Feel free to come visit me atearthfriendlymama@blogspot.comKerry

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