Seven Continents

About four months ago we started really delving into world
geography. We started with the seven continents.

We got some beautiful (free) 3-part continent cards and have
been using them in conjunction with this map I had from
teaching days (it’s from world history, the age of exploration
and the kids just love the fact that people believed in sea
monsters (on the map if you look closely).

Anyway, we’ve learned the continent song (to the tune of Frere Jacque):

Europe, Asia,
North America
South America
Then there is Antarctica
Don’t forget Australia
Seven continents
Seven continents

We match the continents on the cards with the world map. Then
we talked about the animals that live on each continent. We
started with plastic animals — and then moved on to photos
(in the next set of pictures).

Meanwhile, LD has also been doing some notebook/lapbook
activities on the various continents. We also participated in
a “continent swap” group and exchanged small items from
several different continents.

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