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It has been ages and ages since I’ve written about ED’s math activities.  A lot of ED’s math happens naturally over the course of the day — counting objects in a picture book, counting by 2s, 5s and 10s when we brush teeth and do dental floss, counting money together, looking at numbers at the store, in books, etc.  Numbers are a part of daily life and we take advantage of all the natural math opportunities.

We also sit down and have “math time” together for school. She has been doing lots of little addition problems (2 erasers plus 4 erasers).  And she also does some Montessori math activities. I’ll show you some photos below:

ED has worked quite a lot on counting by tens. Here ED used golden beads and the seguin board:

Counting-by-Tens Another day, she used the Montessori hundreds bead chain and counted up to a hundred:

CountingByTens-MontessoriBeadsShe worked on some of the kindergarten math pages I made for her last fall (thus, the acorn theme!)

MathPackI’ve tried to add in some cute activities counting by 10s. Here the girls made crowns of 100. (The activity was for ED, but DD wanted to join in too!) First they cut out 10 strips. Then they put ten dots on each strip and we practiced counting by 10s to see how many dots there were. They wrote 100 on the front of their crown and they taped the strips on.  We all thought it was hilarious with the strips flapping free!  We took lots of goofy pictures before the girls taped the strips down on the other side!!  DD made hers into a crown/mask!

100-CrownsEvery now and then ED asks to play math games on the computer:


She has also used the kitty clocks I made off and on the past couple of months. I really need to make her a new set to work on the half hour and quarter hours, but haven’t gotten around to introducing those to her yet:

kitty-clocksED is working on number recognition (recognizing the word one for the digit 1). This squirrel number recognition game is from File Folder Fun.

NumberRecognitionWe also pull out our paper Montessori beads and count out numbers in the hundreds. Below ED is figuring out the number 572.  The plastic place value cards spread out and then she gathered 5 hundreds, 7 tens and 2 ones.  I got the place value cards from Right Start Math.

Numbers-to-the-HundredsWe also have the purple dots from Montessori Materials click here for 1s and 10s and here for hundreds.  I printed out stacks of 10 and put them together with a brad to show 1000 beads (but only did a few of them!!) Even though we have “real” Montessori beads, we have actually gotten WAY more use out of these purple bead paper sets that I laminated and put together when LD was 5.

ED has also been making her way through worksheet packs I found free called Sunshine Math. They have math worksheet packs for grades K through 5.  ED is working through the Kindergarten Math Sheets: Mercury. If these links don’t work you could try googling “Sunshine Math.” I know I’ve come across them other places as well. I really like the concepts they went over:


ED also worked through some Montessori-style math sheets. I made two sets for her one math worksheet set with no regrouping and one math worksheet set with regrouping – carrying:



That’s about it for now. I’ll save some of her other activities for another post!


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    […] We also did a lot of Montessori math activities based on things I read about online. We don’t have a curriculum for that, but I pulled in a lot of activities working with Montessori beads, using Montessori style math pages that I got at a Montessori store years ago (which another official “Montessori” teacher said are not truly Montessori… but they worked really well for my kids)… Plus lots of place value activities, paper beads and more.  Click on this post to see some of those Montessori style math activities or this post Montessori Math Activities and more. […]

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